Valroant Pro Aspas’s future with LOUD in doubt amid reports of some team drama

aspas might be splitting up with LOUD.

Valroant Pro Aspas’s future with LOUD in doubt amid reports of some team drama

(credits: @aspaszin on Instagram)

This VCT season has seen a good amount of Valorant drama. And most of the time, this drama has led to the termination of that player from their Org’s roster. With Sentinels heat with their team IGL, Dephh to Newzera abandoning Karmine Corp mid-season. And most importantly, his team benching ScreaM after the police arrest him. Moreover, now it seems like, Valorant Pro aspas may be splitting with his team after the VCT Champions.

This VCT season, has heard a lot of bad news from Orgs all around. Despite all that, the current Valorant scene is thriving. However, it seems like the current Champions title holder team might not be the same anymore after this season. The Valorant Pro aspas has been with LOUD since its inauguration. And he had led LOUD to win the last year’s VCT Champions.

So such an amazing player leaving their Org is a really big hit to the team. More so if it’s a Champions holder player. Furthermore, reports say this may be due to some Internal drama in LOUD.

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spas (credits: @aspaszin on Instagram)

Insider reports from Valorant entail that aspas might be letting go of LOUD. Also, this may be because of some internal strifes. This news has been very disheartening to fans because aspas is one of the best Valorant right now. Furthermore, it’s shocking to know that any Org that holds the Champions title would let a player with the same title go. Some of the season has not been easy already for LOUD, with both Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi and Bryan ‘pANcada’ Luna leaving the Org.

After LOUD was eliminated, Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro disclosed that the team had been battling “outside of the server issues.” Despite sating that, he did not want to go into further detail. In a video, Slasher, an Insider, said that LOUD just visited Brazil. Moreover, they also scrimmed without aspas as the Valorant Pro decided to remain in Los Angeles. And, Slasher further said,

“I have been told that the situation within the team is so bad that they could play even worse at Champions than they did in Tokyo, and many believe that the team might be fractured completely and the chances of aspas leaving are 90% or higher after the season is over.”

Moreover, every organization will openly invite him if aspas decides to leave. Since the Valorant Pro is good friends with Sacy & pANcada, he might move to Sentinals. Also, Seninest is in serious need of better players after their VCT 2023 season. Although shares doesn’t believe that’s possible by saying, “It’s a stretch. What’s the point of playing on an English-speaking team if they’re just going to bring in another Portuguese-speaking player. And then you run into the problem of why the Sentinels would want an all-Brazilian team.”

Right now, we don’t know for sure if aspas would actually leave LOUD. However, is the player does leave the Org, it would be disastrous for them in their next season.

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