VCT Master Tokyo 2023: World champion LOUD gets eliminated without winning a single map

Loud has suffered a one sided defeat against Edward Gaming and have been eliminated from the VCT Masters Tokyo.

VCT Master Tokyo 2023: World champion LOUD gets eliminated without winning a single map

(credits: @loudgg)

Valorant’s unique game mechanics and in-game cosmetics have swept the gaming industry. The game’s eSports industry has gained a lot of traction in the past two years. The massive viewership has made the eSports Majors a huge success. The Valorant Champions Tour, or VCT, is currently blooming in full. Players in the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 are fighting grueling matches against each other. Edward Gaming crushed last year’s world champions, Loud, in today’s Lower round matches, taking an unexpected turn.

As we all know, Loud swept last year’s VCT Main event. The Brazilian team won against Optic Gaming, a really strong contender, and took home the Champions trophy. On the other hand, Edward Gaming (EDG), the Chinese team, ranked 13th in the event. Loud’s performance screamed perfection. However, this time around, things good really dicey for them. Evil Geniuses eliminated the team from Upper Group Stages by defeating them, and Loud failed to win any maps in the match.


And EDG painted the same picture during the Loud Edward Gaming match. They defeated the world champions in what was not at all a narrow victory. They obliterated the team and didn’t allow them a single map point. The performance by the team in the Loud Edward Gaming match has left fans speechless and in awe. Moreover, Loud, the world champions, got eliminated from the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 without winning a single match, and fans are absolutely trolling them.

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Loud eliminated after their poor performance through the Masters Tokyo 2023

VCT Master Tokyo 2023: World champion LOUD gets eliminated without winning a single map
(credits: Loud)

Today’s match at VCT Masters Tokyo was against Loud & Edward Gaming. The former was last year’s world champion, while EDG was placed 13th on last year’s main event. EDG won the match, which surprised the fans who didn’t expect it. Furthermore, EDG completely shut out Loud by not giving them a single map point in their victory. This one-sided victory has left fans in awe of EDG’s performance in the VCT so far.


Loud’s performance throughout the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 hasn’t been great. They won most of their games in the VCT Americas league, but they were eliminated in the Masters Tokyo without winning a single match. Today, Loud lost their first match of the Lower Stages, and the Masters Tokyo 2023 eliminated them for good. Loud’s downfall started with the match against Evil Geniuses. Loud lost against EG in the Upper Group stage and dropped down to the lower stages. Loud wasn’t able to score a single map point against EG.

And the story continued with the Loud Edward Gaming match. Loud’s performance was not apt for such a major event at all. Thus, they lost the match, once again, with no map points. Fans’ reacting over Loud overwhelming and one-sided loss is really funny:

Loud has been eliminated, and they are now on their way back from Tokyo. Their performance during the Masters Tokyo has been really underwhelming so far. They not only lost their matches but also suffered a completely one-sided defeat. Although they have qualified for the Champions main event, we may be able to see improved gameplay during the Champion Matches. VCT Champions are all set to start in August, so Loud has ample time to solidify their teamwork and improve their strategies.


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