VCT Masters Tokyo 2023: Evil Geniuses demolishes VCT Americas champions LOUD in playoffs

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023: Evil Geniuses demolishes VCT Americas champions LOUD in playoffs

The playoffs for the Valorant Champions Tour’s (VCT) 2023 Masters Tokyo tournament set up an electrifying battle between Evil Geniuses and LOUD – reigning champions of VCT Americas. This hyped-up confrontation was undoubtedly one for the ages as it underlined everything that’s fascinating about competitive gaming in Valorant. Both teams presenting exceptional talent heightened strategic thinking in their arsenal as they came out guns blazing – eager to succeed at every turn.

Evil Geniuses, a team that was trolled heavily during VCT LOCK//IN and VCT Americas, first made it to VCT Masters Tokyo and then qualifies for playoffs. This team has turned a new leaf but LOUD was their true challenge. LOUD has been dominating every team since VCT Champions 2022 and never lost in a match in the upper bracket. Everyone bet their money on LOUD but EG just obliterated them.


The Valorant eSports community is expanding greatly, and Riot Games is taking full advantage of this by creating one of their most exceptional tournaments yet. The VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 has been underway since June 11th and continues to be an arena for heated matches, with teams displaying their skills in hopes of victory.

On June 16th an exciting playoff match took place between Evil Geniuses and LOUD signifying the beginning of their journey to Valorant glory. EG demonstrated great strategic skill by picking Fracture as the first map in the best-of-three maps encounters. Their talent was evident in their impressive victory on two maps straight, leading to a successful start in their quest for supremacy.

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Evil Geniuses’s victory against LOUD at VCT Masters Tokyo 2023

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023: Evil Geniuses demolishes VCT Americas champions LOUD in playoffs

The match between Evil Geniuses and LOUD left many spectators in awe of Evil Geniuses’ exceptional performance. With resolute determination and exceptional strategy, they were able to bring out the best in themselves while leaving LOUD trailing behind. The final score evidence of this superb display with results of 13-7 on Fracture and 13-5 on Ascent surely showcasing that they are ahead of everyone else when it comes to multi-map proficiency. Their outstanding achievement was more than just a win as it sent out a strong message to all competing teams about the unique caliber that they possess.

  • Fracture: Evil Geniuses Map Pick
  • Ascent: LOUD Map Pick

First Map: Fracture (Evil Geniuses’s Pick)

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The opening bout between Evil Geniuses and LOUD had an unexpected setting – Fracture as its battleground! This fact did not faze either team as they geared up for some intense action on this non-conventional map. Taking advantage of being attackers first, Evil Geniuses’s players displayed extraordinary coordination from round one. They built an early lead of four-round lead to keep LOUD on the backfoot. They finished the first half with a 9-3 score.

Everybody knows Fracture is more of an attacking-sided map so LOUD was looking to kick in the 9-3 curse. In defense mode during the second half, Evil Geniuses showed dogged resistance and stood their ground firmly to win needed rounds with ease and secure a triumphant victory of 13-7. Only Aspas fragged for LOUD and other players failed to make an impact.

Second Map: Ascent (LOUD’s Pick)

Screenshot 48 fotor 2023061612265

Now Focus shifts to Ascent – the map that is said to be LOUD’s battleground. However, their aspirations were met with opposition by Evil Geniuses who put up an excellent defense on their part. The early lead of 4-0 set by EG further cemented their dominance in this match. But this time LOUD didn’t give EG a big lead this time and won 5 rounds in the second half.


However, EG just looked unstoppable when they came to the attacking side and didn’t drop a single round, and won the second map with a 13-5 score. Jawgemo, Ethan, Demon1; everyone fragged and the whole team looked complete. LOUD looked clueless the whole time and as a result, they lost to Evil Geniuses.

Fans’ reaction to Evil Geniuses’s victory is overwhelming:

This match between Evil Geniuses and LOUD was the perfect match to kick off VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 playoff. It showcased exceptional skill, unwavering determination, and tactical brilliance. Evil Geniuses’s impressive win against the VCT Americas champions highlighted their dominance in the tournament. It is worth observing if Evil Geniuses can sustain their dominant performance and become the ultimate Valorant champions as competition continues to unfold. The eager anticipation of fans worldwide for more exciting battles during this notable esports competition reaches new heights.


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