Velocity gaming partners up with LOCO

Velocity gaming partners up with LOCO

Velocity gaming has recently announced a long-term partnership with the LOCO. Velocity gaming is one of the most popular esports organizations in India and was formed back in 2017. Initially they had a team in the Indian Rainbow Six Siege esports leagues but they are most known for their contributions to the growth of the PUBG mobile community in India. What does this partnership do for both organizations?

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What is Loco?

It is an Indian platform solely dedicated to streaming and esports. In June they had received a $9 million investment from South Korea-based company Krafton which they used to upgrade their technology. It seems the platform is competing with Twitch and YouTube by trying to appeal to the local Indian audience and exploiting India’s rapidly-growing gaming industry. This seems to be working as the platform has grown significantly ever since the platform received funding from Krafton even partnering up with Redbull at one point.


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What is coming out of this partnership?

The partnership between both the organizations has 11 PC creators and professional players from Velocity Gaming to host exclusive streams on the platform. The members who are doing so are, FA2, VLT Sentinel, Amaterasu, EupHorla, Rite2ace, Deathmaker, Marzil, Hellfr, Meow16k, Casper and Muffinloop. It will be interesting to witness how the future of this partnership pans out.


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