“Are you serious?” Viewer SWATS Kick streamer Adin Ross and Jynxzi during IRL livestream

Adin Ross and Jynxzi get swatted in just 10 minutes.

“Are you serious?” Viewer SWATS Kick streamer Adin Ross and Jynxzi during IRL livestream

Adin Ross and Jynxzi (Image via: Twitch)

Popular streamers Adin Ross and Jynxzi linked up for an IRL stream. Immediately, they were told to evacuate from the premises as they had been swatted by fans. The incident has gained traction online and once again exposes the dangers of big streamers attempting to stream IRL. 

Swatting is very common for stars on big stages. Streamers like Kai Cenat, IShowSpeed, and many other prominent streamers have witnessed swatting time and time again. Fans love to see their streamers in mishaps and how they handle such situations, and swatting for them is a form of entertainment that has come under heavy controversy. 

However, streamers are very opposed to it and have constantly advocated taking action against those behind swatting. It can cause serious problems for streamers and the people around them. xQc, for instance, has strongly appealed to the notion of punishing such people for the crimes they commit. He is commonly on the move, switching homes as he faces multiple swatting issues throughout the year. 

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Adin Ross and Jynxzi get swatted during the IRL stream

Adin Ross and Jynxzi getting swatted on stream
Adin Ross and Jynxzi getting swatted on the stream

During Adin Ross’s stream on Kick, he was joined by fellow streamer Jynxzi as they attended a Topgolf location. However, within 10 minutes of opening his IRL stream, an employee approached them and informed them that the SWAT team was at the course.

This had been the second time in the same week that Adin had been swatted, along with Sneako, at a gym. The employee can be seen hand-signaling ‘guns’ as he tells them that they have been swatted. Adin asks “Are you serious, bro? How do you know (that they got swatted)”. Adin says he understood that he had to leave and apologized to the staff as another employee joined them to ask them to leave.

The Kick streamer angrily says, “I didn’t even get a swing in; why are people so weird, dude?” Adin has been swatted many times in the past, and this was nothing new. However, it can be frustrating when it interrupts personal lives and affects the environment around streamers. Such as, in this case, the Topgolf location. It can be scary to see a SWAT team intrude inside with guns, and this controversial issue has been refuted for a long time in the streaming community. 

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