Warner Bros. teases new DLC for Gotham Knights

The game's official Twitter account posted an image of some of the game's main villains.

Warner Bros. teases new DLC for Gotham Knights

Credits: WB Games Montreal

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has recently sparked excitement among fans of the game ‘Gotham Knights’. This comes with a new teaser suggesting that new downloadable content for the game is in the works. The developers originally released Gotham Knights in 2022, and gamers and critics alike gave it mixed reviews. Many people were led to speculate whether the title would be abandoned or receive any additional content.

On April 26, the official ‘Gotham Knights’ Twitter account posted a picture featuring some of the game’s main villains. This includes Clayface, Harley Quinn, and Mr. Freeze, alongside a mysterious person in a suit and tie.


The message captioned on the post was, “The big bads are gathering, but why?” and this enigmatic tweet quickly went viral. Many fans speculate that it was hinting at the possibility of new DLC.

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New tweet from Gotham Knights hints at more content

Gotham Knights
Credits: Gotham Knights

The tweet has certainly piqued the interest of many gamers who have already completed the main story campaign. Players are eagerly awaiting new content to dive back into the world of Gotham Knights. The announcement has also raised hopes that the developers have listened to the criticisms leveled at the game’s initial release and are working to improve the experience for players.


Since the tweet, the gaming community has been abuzz with speculation about what this new content could entail. Many fans have been hoping for new story missions, additional playable characters. Players are also hoping for new gameplay mechanics to address some of the criticisms made about the game’s combat system. However, the developers have not made any official announcement yet, leaving much of the speculation up in the air.

WB Games Montreal, the developers of ‘Gotham Knights’, have previously stated that they are committed to supporting the game with post-launch content. In a statement released last year, the studio’s creative director, Patrick Redding, said, “We are creating a game that has a huge amount of replayability and a huge amount of post-game content.”

It is still unclear what this post-launch content will entail. However, the recent tweet from the ‘Gotham Knights’ Twitter account is a promising sign that something is in the works. The tweet has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among fans. It will be interesting to see what new content WB Games Montreal has in store for the game’s players.


Fans of ‘Gotham Knights’ will have to wait patiently for any further announcements from the game’s developers. However, with the teaser suggesting that something big is on the horizon, it seems that the world of Gotham Knights is set to continue expanding, giving fans even more reason to dive back into the game.

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