Call of Duty:Warzone 2 introduces new battle pass tier

The Season 3 battle pass comes with a bit of spice.

Call of Duty:Warzone 2 introduces new battle pass tier

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The new season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s battle royale Warzone is officially out. Although the game has received very negative reviews since its launch in October of last year, players have been yearning for an optimized gameplay experience and had been hopeful it would come this season. Player have expressed their displeasure about the game and its bugs on twitter but to no avail.

The start of Season 3 of Infinity Ward‘s Warzone 2 also brings players the new battle pass map. The newest addition to Warzone 2 is the new battle pass tier called BlackCell. So this season, players can either buy the standard battle pass worth 1000 COD coins or invest more money into the new BlackCell tier worth 30 USD which offers exclusive in-game cosmetics and weapon blueprints. Players cannot spend COD points to buy the BlackCell tier of the battle pass but have to directly purchase it with their preferred transaction.

The BlackCell tier has replaced the usual Premium battle pass tier that was worth 2400 COD coins. The Premium tier will no longer be available to players for purchase. The BlackCell Tier offers players :

  • 1100 COD coins
  • Brutal Elegance Tank
  • Singularity Weapon blueprint
  • BlackCell SOP (finisher)
  • Atom, a new operator
  • Alejandro BlackCell Skin
  • Valeria Blackcell Skin

In addition to these items, players also receive 20 level skips and other cosmetics and weapon blueprints.

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Trophy Hunt New Limited-Time Event

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A new time limited event was released with Season 3 of Warzone 2. This new event indicated players to collect trophies that will be dropped by enemy operators throughout various game modes. Theses trophies can later be exchanged for weapon blueprints, vehicle skins and battle pass token tier skips.

These trophies can be found and collected by killing enemy or AI operators or by looting supply bins. Trophies are also given to players that have purchased the battle pass. To extract the trophies from the battle royale mode and add them to your bank, players must either win the match or extract them via an upload station found around the map. In multiplayer, the trophies collected are awarded to the player at the end of the match. In DMZ, players must either be extracted from the map or they can extract the trophies itself through upload stations.

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