WATCH: A random girl says she’s ready to throw her 9-year-long relationship to hang out with Adin Ross and rapper Soulja Boy

Adin Ross and Soulja Boy runs into some wild girls on Monkey App

WATCH: A random girl says she’s ready to throw her 9-year-long relationship to hang out with Adin Ross and rapper Soulja Boy

Image via: Instagram/@adinross and @souljaboy

Adin Ross is no stranger to featuring celebrities in the music industry on his stream. The popular streamer has featured Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA multiple times and American singer and songwriter Chris Brown. Adin and Chris video chatted with various random strangers online through the Monkey App.

As Adin’s collaboration with Chris Brown was a huge hit, Adin Ross decided to do a similar kind of stream when another musical celebrity, the chart-topping rapper Soulja Boy, joined him. The two logged onto the Monkey app and had many hilarious interactions during their video calls with strangers. They even got pranked by a guy dressed up as a girl.

A girl with a 9-year-long relationship gives her phone number to Adin Ross and Soulja Boy

Adin Ross and Soulja Boy run into three girls sitting in a car, wearing yellow, grey and black T-shirts. Adin asks the girls in yellow and black whether they have a boyfriend. While the girl in yellow doesn’t respond, the girl in the black shirt said that she did not have a boyfriend.

Adin Ross Soulja Boy random girls video call
Image via Kick/@adinross

Upon hearing their response, Soulja Boy said that they did not care about their boyfriends. Adin Ross agreed with his statement. The girls slightly smile. Adin Ross asked, “Are you all down to come fly out to LA for a couple days?” The girl in yellow asked them for how long and when he wanted them to visit. Adin simply replied telling them to come over for a couple days as soon as they could.

We really don’t give a f*ck about your boyfriends.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy asked the girls how long they wanted to stay. The girls look at each other and do not give them a straight answer. The girl in yellow raises her hands cluelessly. Adin Ross then asked the girl who admitted to having a boyfriend how long she had been with him. The girl told Adin that she had been with him for nine years. Adin did not believe her.

Soulja Boy interrupted, “F*ck all that, when you all coming to LA?” The girl in yellow replied “whenever”. Adin Ross muted his Kick stream and asked the girls for their number. The girls gave it to him who then unmuted the stream and ended the call with them. Adin turned to Soulja Boy and exclaimed that she had a boyfriend. Soulja Boy replied that he simply did not care.

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