WATCH: Adin Ross wins $2,000,000 gambling on Stake, later calls rapper Drake to celebrate

Adin Ross celebrates with Drake after winning over 2 million dollars!

WATCH: Adin Ross wins $2,000,000 gambling on Stake, later calls rapper Drake to celebrate

Image via: Instagram/@adinross & @champagnepapi

Kick streamer Adin Ross is again making rounds on the internet as he seems to have caught everyone’s attention. Gambling is not a new type of content for the streamer. He has been streaming gambling content since his days of streaming on Twitch. The controversial streamer has been in the limelight since he won a whopping $2.1 million in a slots game called ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive’ on the official Stake website.


It is also interesting to note that Kick itself is partially owned by the popular gambling platform where he won his money. His reaction has been going viral on the internet. In fact, the social media star also called popular rapper Drake to celebrate with him on stream. Drake is also a part-time streamer on the Kick platform, and this is not the first time he has appeared on Adin’s stream.

Drake is no stranger to appearing on popular streamers’ live streams, notably Adin Ross and Kai Cenat. In fact, the rapper even acknowledged these streamers with a special mention in the lyrics of one of his latest songs.

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Adin Ross celebrates winning $2.1 Million with Drake

Adin repeatedly played the slots and waited for a big prize to grace him. Eventually, an animation starts playing with images of cowboys having duels. These eventually turn into score multipliers and start getting added to Adin’s score. Adin is slightly disappointed as he does not get multipliers as high as expected.

Adin Ross Gambling
Image via: Kick/@adinross

Other people on stream try to cheer him up by telling him that he is rich regardless of the exact numbers he gets. Eventually, his screen displays “Total winnings”, with the number climbing up slowly. In the end, he ends up winning $2,168,730 from the gambling platform.

Adin Ross is visibly excited by his winnings as he stands up from his chair and starts freaking out. He eventually pulls out his phone and tells everybody to wait. He dials his phone as Drake picks up the phone on the other end. Adin continued –

“Bro, I’m streaming and I just hit a full screen on Wanted. You called it…I just hut a full screen, it was a $50K buy bro. I’m freaking the f**k out. You called it. How did you know?”

Adin Ross

Drake confidently told Adin how he told him so and wanted to see the screen himself. Drake later added that he had already texted Adin Ross earlier in the day about an upcoming victory. Adin was in disbelief about how Drake already knew he was going to win big on the site that day. It appears that the popular rapper’s prediction came true, and Adin couldn’t be more thankful.


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