Watch: IShowSpeed flips out as he listens to Cristiano Ronaldo signing the infamous “IShowMeat” song

IShowSpeed flips out as he watches his idol Cristiano Ronaldo sing the IShowMeat song

Watch: IShowSpeed flips out as he listens to Cristiano Ronaldo signing the infamous “IShowMeat” song

Image via: Instagram/@cristiano

IShowSpeed has made it public knowledge that he is a huge fan of football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. The popular streamer has often mentioned his admiration for the Portuguese superstar. Speed travelled to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup to meet his idol but could not do so. He finally met him in June 2023 at the EURO 2024 qualifiers.

Streamer from Ohio is known for another incident that happened to Speed a while ago live on stream. IShowSpeed was playing the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. A jumpscare made the Ohio native jump out of his chair, accidentally causing him to flash the camera through his shorts. Speed has since acknowledged how embarrassing the incident was for him.


Speed’s father has also picked up steam on the internet recently as a music creator. He even created a song based on the IShowMeat incident called “I Show The Meat”, which infuriated Speed so much that he threw out an offer to fight his dad. Since then, Speed was probably not expecting the song to be merged with his football idol.

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IShowSpeed reacts to Cristiano Ronaldo singing IShowMeat song

IShowSpeed was doing a YouTube livestream on December 4th, 2023. He interacted with his fans through his Discord server, scrolling through several fan-made memes. A meme caught Speed’s eye, which he opened on stream, much to his regret. The video was a fan edit where Cristiano Ronaldo sang the IShowMeat song.

IShowSpeed Ronaldo IShowMeat
Image via: YouTube/@IShowSpeed

The video starts with Ronaldo standing in a recording studio, wearing headphones and singing into a microphone. The video features different angles of Ronaldo singing the popular song by Speed’s dad, with montages of photos of city skylines and Ronaldo playing in the background. Speed looks weirded out as the video plays.

Are you serious, bruh? Stop doing this sh*t. Stop! Turn it off, bruh! Turn it off!


He pauses the video in disbelief that a fan would create a video such as this. He then exclaims to his audience to stop making edits like this and that they cannot be serious. He minimises the window, yet the audio continues to play. Speed freaks out at this and repeatedly screams, “Turn it off!” as he struggles to close the tab.

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