Watch: IShowSpeed shares a glimpse of his new upcoming song with his dad on Instagram Live

IShowSpeed has released a number of songs in the recent times. This time, Fans will see Youtuber from Ohio collaborating with his dad in his upcoming song soon

Watch: IShowSpeed shares a glimpse of his new upcoming song with his dad on Instagram Live

IShowSpeed is infamous for uploading a wide variety of content on his channel. In addition to IRL and gaming streams, Speed is also known for its creative music videos. His songs, such as World Cup & Shake, have over a hundred million views on YouTube. The last song fans saw from Speed was four months ago, but fans do not have to wait much longer for the next one.

Speed is not the only one in his family who creates music. His dad has recently become quite a popular figure in the community himself. Speed’s father made a song named “I Show The Meat” that had over five million YouTube views. The song seemed to infuriate Speed, and he even threw out an offer to fight his dad.


The song was, of course, based on the IShowMeat incident when Speed accidentally flashed his meat during a jumpscare while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. The duo seems to have made up now, as they recently went live on Instagram together to promote Speed’s new song.

IShowSpeed and his dad show a preview of Speed’s upcoming song

IShowSpeed and his dad were recently seen on Instagram live together. The two are standing inside what appears to be their house with bright colourful lights. Speed decides to give a preview of his upcoming song to his audience. He plays the song on speakers as the popular streamer and his father vibe to the song.

IShowSpeed Dad
Image via: YouTube/@IShowSpeed

There isn’t much talking throughout the clip as the duo stands around and dances to the playing song. Fans in the chat gave a mixed reaction to the music, as they seemed to love it, and others claimed that it made their ears bleed. Regardless, the preview of the song has left fans wanting more as they wait for the song to be released.


Speed has not yet announced any release date for his upcoming song. However, fans can expect it to be released soon. It is also interesting to see how well the music does compared to his most famous song released during the FIFA World Cup titled “World Cup’ which has over 6 million streams on Spotify.

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