Watch: IShowSpeed traumatizes little kid during his 22 million subscribers livestream

IShowSpeed jumpscares a random little kid on OMETV during his 22-million subscriber special stream

Watch: IShowSpeed traumatizes little kid during his 22 million subscribers livestream

Image via: Instagram/@IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed is one of the most popular streamers on the internet. The internet superstar just surpassed 22 million subscribers. Similar to his every million subscriber special stream, the Ohio native decided to do something special for the occasion of crossing 22 million subscribers on YouTube. On December 10th, he hosted a special two-hour livestream for the same.

Speed decided to go on OMETV and put up a subscriber counter below the screen. OMETV is a site similar to Omegle that allows you to talk to random strangers on the internet. The stream started similar to how most of the subscriber milestone live streams occur. His fans decided to troll him, unsubscribing to his channel in mass.


However, Speed eventually hit the milestone before the livestream ended. The stream was filled with many hilarious encounters and funny moments, as Speed’s OMETV streams usually are. One such incident occurred when Speed accidentally traumatized a little kid during his time on OMETV.

IShowSpeed jumpscares little kid on the livestream

IShowSpeed matched with a random little kid while surfing OMETV. Speed smiles as he looks at the camera and moves closer to his camera. He gestured for the kid to approach him and said, “Come closer.” The little kid wearing a red jacket stood up from his chair and gets closer to the camera. Speed immediately switched his screen to jump the kid.

IShowSpeed jumpscares kid
Image via: YouTube/@IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed switched from his video to an image of a scary man with face tattoos yelling at the camera. Loud screaming sounds were also played in the background. The kid immediately fell back into his chair, frightened by the scary figure. He sweated his brow and grabs his head as Speed reappeared on the screen and told him to “sit his d*mb ass down.”


The kid covered his face with his hands and stood back up from his chair. Speed started chuckling and told the kid that he got him with the jumpscare. Speed has received mixed reactions from his fans for this incident. While many found the incident funny, others said that he should not be doing so with little kids for clout. Some have pointed out that Speed should be the last person doing jumpscares, considering his IShowMeat incident.

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