WATCH: Kai Cenat HILARIOUSLY pranks Adin Ross with ‘fake’ Zendaya, fans left absolutely shocked

Kai Cenat trolls social media star Adin Ross with fake Zendaya on stream!

WATCH: Kai Cenat HILARIOUSLY pranks Adin Ross with ‘fake’ Zendaya, fans left absolutely shocked

Kai Cenat is one of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers, with over 7.4 million followers and 80k active subs. The streamer is only 21 and has strong connections with many other YouTubers and streamers, such as Adin Ross. Kai Cenat has been making waves on the internet recently as Kai appeared to have the famous actress Zendaya on his livestream.


Kai Cenat also sported a black Spider-man suit on his livestream to celebrate the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. He was wearing the suit for the entire duration of the stream, even as he Facetimed other streamers and YouTubers.This was the perfect time to bring in the Zendaya look-alike, as the Hollywood star plays the prominent role of MJ in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

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Kai Cenat pranks Adin Ross with a fake Zendaya

Kai Cenat video called Adin Ross with the Zendaya look-alike sitting next to him. Adin was starstruck upon seeing the impersonator and exclaimed “Zendaya!” with surprise in his voice. Adin continued to talk to the impersonator talking about her work on Euphoria and asking about Tom Holland. Kai then breaks it to Adin that he has been speaking to an impersonator and she was not the real Zendaya.

Kai Cenat Adin Ross
Image via: Instagram/@adinross

Of course, it soon became apparent that the female sitting next to Kai Cenat was not the real Euphoria star but a TikTok star who looked alike. This did not stop Kai Cenat from trying to prank as many people as he could. One of the victims of his prank was social media star, Adin Ross.

Adin seems frustrated at the prank and goes on to say, “What the f*ck bro? That is Zendaya from f*cking Wish. I mean, what is that bro? I got scammed.” Upon hearing Adin call her “Zendaya from Wish“, Kai Cenat exclaims as he is visibly surprised. The TikTok star also looked annoyed at Adin’s comment. Kai consoles her by saying, “He’s f*cked up” and telling her not to pay attention to his insults.

Zendaya coming on Kai Cenat’s stream seemed like a possibility as he is no stranger to having celebrities on stream. It is public knowledge that Kai Cenat has a strong friendship with the popular rapper Drake. He has live-streamed many Facetime sessions with the rap megastar that have garnered significant attention and millions of social media views.

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