What are Mid Icons FIFA 22 and how are they different than icon cards?

Here is a detailed guide about Mid Icons FIFA 22 and their strengths in FIFA!

Mid Icons FIFA 22
Mid Icons FIFA 22 SBC

FIFA 22 has released another Mid Icon card Squad Building Challenge in the game giving the chance to the players to obtain another Icon card. However, many players might think what exactly is a Mid Icons FIFA 22 player item and how is it different from all the other cards.

FIFA 22 has a variety of cards in the game that appear when certain promo events are running or some special event. Among the many running events in the game, the Icon player item series is one of the most special. These cards are a blast from the past with major names in football history returning in their prime. The cards have the stats of the footballers in their glory days and have a insane market value in FUT.

Here is all about the Mid Icons FIFA 22 and some great cards in that section.

Mid Icons FIFA 22

Mid Icons FIFA 22
Mid Icons FIFA 22

Icon cards in FIFA are a rare variant of the card which feature great footballer and legends with exceptional abilities and stats.

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However, the Icon cards also have some divisions within them. These are:

  • Base icons
  • Mid icons
  • Prime icons
  • Prime Moment Icon

While the Base Icon features the strongest version of the Icon Player item. But our point of focus today is Mid icons. Mid Icons are the second-highest rated versions of the Icon cards with a bit less stats than Base cards. But even so their stats shine when compared to cards from other promos and events.

Players can finish today’s Mid Icon FIFA 22 SBC in order to get a free Mid Icon card at random.

Some of the best Mid Icon FIFA 22 Players items are:

  • Ronaldo OVR 94
  • Pele OVR 95
  • Rudd Gullit OVR 90
  • Patrick Vieira OVR 88

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