What happened to IShowSpeed? Streamer from Ohio suffers SEVERE HEADACHE in Japan

The streamer's health became a matter of concern for his fans.

What happened to IShowSpeed? Streamer from Ohio suffers SEVERE HEADACHE in Japan

Image via iShowSpeed on YouTube

YouTube streamer Darren, popularly known as IShowSpeed, has left his fans deeply concerned after sharing a distressing health update. While currently in Japan, IShowSpeed uploaded a video titled “I might die bye” on his YouTube channel, where he openly discussed his battle with a severe headache that visibly distressed him.


In the video, IShowSpeed described his ordeal, stating,

Right now, I am having one of the worst experiences of my life. I can’t even open my eyes. I have this thing called a cluster headache. A deadly headache disease. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, and I can’t do anything right now.

He continued,


It hurts so bad, chat. It hurts so bad. I can’t do anything. It hurts. Everything I do, like something pounding my head every time, makes me so angry. It hurts—like, even now, it hurts. I can’t do sh*t. There’s no care to this. I love y’all if anything happens.

The video uploaded to YouTube instantly caused panic among fans, as they speculated about iShowSpeed’s well-being.

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iShowSpeed and his father receive a health update

What happened to IShowSpeed? Streamer from Ohio suffers SEVERE HEADACHE in Japan
Image via Sportskeeda

Following the video, one of IShowSpeed’s verified fan channels on X (@IShowSpeed_Live) confirmed that he had taken the responsible step of seeking medical attention. According to the update, local doctors in Japan provided some relief by reassuring IShowSpeed that his health did not face an immediate threat. However, they advised him to take the necessary time to recover before resuming his streaming activities.


IShowSpeed’s father, Darren Sr., addressed fans’ concerns through his social media accounts, stating,

I am just giving you guys an update on Junior. Junior is doing much better. He was just not feeling himself. We never say sick;” we just say he wasn’t feeling himself. He made sure that he got himself taken care of.

Darren Sr. also expressed gratitude for the fans’ support and encouragement, saying,

I thank you guys for all your concerns, and your prayers, and we thank you guys for being there because he’s only doing this for you guys. He’s working hard for you guys so that you guys can see him making good content. So let’s keep encouraging him.


IShowSpeed’s recent health update has left his fans deeply concerned, as he confronts a severe headache during his stay in Japan. The reassurance from local doctors provided some relief, giving hope for his recovery. Surrounded by the love and encouragement of his family and devoted fans, IShowSpeed remains determined to overcome this challenge and return to creating captivating content for his audience.

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