What happened to IShowSpeed? YouTuber seen with crutches in public

IShowsSpeed injures his knee and spotted in crutches only a day before his football charity match.

What happened to IShowSpeed? YouTuber seen with crutches in public

IshowSpeed (Image via: Instagram/@ishowspeed)

IShowSpeed recently met Russian tennis player Khachanov at the Qatar Tennis Federation. However, the streamer walked around in crutches, leaving fans highly concerned about the Ohio native. The content creator has also not done any live streaming on his YouTube channel for the past five days, which is highly unusual for him. This led to fans being highly concerned about IShowSpeed’s health and wondering what had happened.


IShowSpeed recently traveled to Brazil and live-streamed most of his experiences, including one of the country’s most infamous carnivals. However, since his return, IShowSpeed has been notably absent on YouTube and social media, and this is the reason why.

IShowSpeed was dancing and partying on the streets of Brazil during the last day of his stay in the country. Speed attempted to showcase his skills in the middle of a dance circle by attempting a backflip. However, he was unable to stick the landing properly. Despite looking like a reasonably clean flip, the streamer injured himself.

IShowSpeed hoping to play in the ‘Match for Hope’ charity match

Within moments of the backflip, IShowSpeed fell to the ground, clutching his right knee. He made a tweet from an alternate account a few hours later.


Speed claimed that he could not walk or bend his knee. He claimed only to be able to bend his knee in “a 180 obtuse angle.” The streamer then asked his fans if they knew about his condition.

IShowSpeed playing football
Image via: YouTube/@ishowspeed

IShowSpeed was expected to play in the “Match for Hope” football charity match in Qatar on February 23rd, 2024. Some of the biggest football legends and several content creators, including IShowSpeed, have been asked to either play or attend the event to generate buzz for the charity.

Despite not being fully fit for the match, IShowSpeed has made his way to Qatar but only walks around on crutches.

After taking all the necessary rehab measures, IShowSpeed is playing in the Match for Hope. In the backside area, he has interacted with many football icons, including Arsenal’s legendary manager Arsène Wenger.


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