What is Dallas Cowboys Ceedee Lamb’s Madden 24 overall rating?

See How Much The Rising Superstar is rated on the latest Madden!

What is Dallas Cowboys Ceedee Lamb’s Madden 24 overall rating?

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Born on April 8, 1999, Cedarian DeLeon “CeeDee” Lamb plays wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. After playing collegiate football at Oklahoma, where he was selected by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He was also a unanimous All-American in 2019. In his brief yet stellar career as a professional, Dallas Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb has shown to be one of the league’s most potent offensive weapons, more than deserving of the respect of the NFL.


However, one could contend that, at least in part, the Madden 24 rating developers at EA may not have received the recognition that is due. Talking about his rating, Cede Lamb has been shown a lot of support on social media. They say ‘Get Real‘ while a lot of them are angry about his OVR despite his outstanding season. Let’s take a look at the insights of CeeDee Lamb on Madden 24.

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Cedee Lamb’s rating and stats in Madden 24

Cedee Lamb has an Overall of 92 on Madden 24. He has drastically improved over the past few years as he was rated around 81 in the ‘22 season. Although the ratings this year haven’t impressed the fans. They claim he could be way more higher than that according to the form he’s been in lately.

EA SPorts MAdden 24 Ceedee Lamb
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Here are the Wide receiver’s additional stats

  • 90 Speed
  • 91 Acceleration
  • 70 Strength
  • 91 Agility
  • 91 Awareness
  • 95 Jumping
  • 93 Injury
  • 93 Stamina
  • 91 Toughness
Ball-carrier Ratings
  • 78 Carrying
  • 71 Trucking
  • 96 BC Vision
  • 81 Stiff Arm
  • 86 Spin Move
  • 92 Juke Move
  • 86 Break Tackle
  • 35 Break Sack
  • 92 Change of Direction

Passing-specific Ratings

  • 37 Throw Power
  • 31 Throw Accuracy Short
  • 26 Throw Accuracy Medium
  • 21 Throw Accuracy Deep
  • 32 Throw on the Run
  • 21 Play Action
  • 25 Throw Under Pressure

Abilities of Lamb In-Game

SuperstarTeamAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3
CeeDee LambCowboysMid Out EliteOutside ApprenticeShort Out Elite
Cedee Lamb Madden 24
image via Madden 24

Ceedee Lamb has maintained his Pace throughout the weeks. Moreover, his agility and awareness have only gone up a notch with the season’s progression. He is there with the most Elite athletes in the NFL for having overall attributes. While some were calling out about his OVR, plenty were seen enjoying destroying their opponents with the Lamb Card. Below is the latest TOTW Ceedee Lamb Card from Madden 24:

  • OVR: 90
  • SPD: 91
  • JMP: 90
  • CTH: 89
  • CIT: 82
  • SPC: 88
  • SRR: 87
  • MRR: 88
  • DRR: 90
TOTW ceedee lamb
image via Madden 24

With the 17th overall choice in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. Lamb was chosen by the Dallas Cowboys. After Jerry Jeudy (Denver Broncos, 15th overall) and Henry Ruggs (Las Vegas Raiders, 12th overall. The deal included a signing bonus of $7.7 million and a fifth-year team option.


These are all top-10 rankings; it’s debatable if Lamb was simply overlooked or if any of the receivers ranked ahead of him were ranked incorrectly. Even though Lamb was still talented, players like Cleveland Browns receiver Amari Cooper and Washington Commanders receiver Terry McLaurin were rated higher, respectively. Stay tuned for the latest updates and tips.

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