What to expect from Valorant in 2023?

What to expect from Valorant in 2023?

Valorant Masters Tokyo 2023 (mage via Riot Games)

As Valorant continues to grow in popularity and expand its player base, players can expect to see a variety of new content added to the game in 2023. One thing that players can likely look forward to is the introduction of new maps.


Valorant already has a diverse set of maps, each with its own unique design and gameplay elements. The developers will continue to add more maps to the game in the coming year. These new maps may introduce new environments and locations, as well as new gameplay mechanics. Already Act 4 is set to have a map with a new mechanic.

In addition to new maps, players can also expect to see the introduction of new agents in Valorant in 2023. Valorant’s roster of agents is already quite large, with each agent possessing unique abilities and playstyles. It is likely that the developers will continue to add new agents to the game in the coming year. These new agents may bring with them new abilities and playstyles. Although the next agent works is still under wraps.

Players can also expect to see continued support and updates for Valorant in 2023. The developers have consistently released updates and patches for the game to fix bugs, balance gameplay, and add new features, and this is likely to continue in the coming year. This could include improvements to performance and new game modes like swiftplay.


Overall, players can look forward to a variety of new content and updates in Valorant in 2023, including new maps, new agents, and ongoing support and updates from the developers. This will keep the game fresh and exciting for players, and provide new challenges and opportunities to master.

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How is Valorant professional scene looking in 2023?

Valorant Challengers Tournament (Image via Talkesports)

The 2023 Valorant Champions Tour season is fast approaching, and it will look quite different from previous competitive cycles. The season will consist of three regional leagues with 10 teams each. The format will also be different from previous years. The season will begin with a 30-team kick-off tournament in February. This will be followed by Challenger Leagues, Masters, and LCQ events throughout the year.

One exciting development for Valorant fans is the announcement of Masters Tokyo, set to take place sometime in 2023. This will be Valorant’s second event in Asia, with the first being held in Istanbul, Turkey. While the exact date of Masters Tokyo has not yet been confirmed, it is likely to take place in June, as it is the only Masters event scheduled for the 2023 season.


Valorant has seen most of its international events held in Europe, with Reykjavik and Berlin hosting numerous events. However, the Lock In event in February will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, signaling a change of scenery for the game’s international events.

Valorant is also extremely popular in Japan, with regional tournaments drawing in thousands of spectators. The announcement of Masters Tokyo was met with excitement from fans in the crowd, and it is sure to be a highly anticipated event.

Overall, 2023 looks to be a promising year for Valorant, with a variety of events planned for different regions around the world. Players and fans alike can look forward to a year packed full of competitive action and new challenges to master.

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