What’s the reason of Pokimane slamming critics?

Pokimane slams critics telling her to “move on” from Jidion hate raid drama. Twitch star Pokimane is hitting back at internet trolls telling her to “move on” from the harassment she’s receiving as a result of a hate raid orchestrated by banned streamer Jidion. Checkout the complete article to know more. .

On January 13, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys ended her Twitch stream early after she and her viewers received an outpouring of harassment from fans of fellow broadcaster Jidion. Jidion had instructed his own viewers to harass Pokimane, resulting in her followers receiving alleged threats and hateful messages amid the chaos.

As a result of this hate raid, Jidion was permanently banned from Twitch. Jidion has since apologized for the raid and is making efforts to distance himself from the ongoing harassment against Anys.

However, the hateful treatment hasn’t stopped with Jidion’s ban. On January 19, Anys published a list of current issues she’s still experiencing as a result of the raid, and even included a screenshot of multiple Instagram DM requests containing hateful messages.

Unfortunately, this treatment has yet to stop. A quick look through her social media posts shows a slew of similar comments.

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Pokimane hits out at trolls telling her to “get over” Jidion hate raid drama

Anys published a Tweet on her secondary account hitting out at the ongoing hate — more specifically, at commenters telling her to “get over” the drama, despite continuing to receive constant hateful messages and remarks daily.

Luckily, Pokimane has seen support from a swath of other streamers, including the likes of Disguised Toast, Valkyrae, Mizkif, and even music artist Bella Poarch.

That being said, streaming star Ninja has threatened legal action against Anys after she called him out for appearing to text his Twitch representative as a means to purportedly reinstate Jidion after his ban.

Speculations on Pokimane switching to YouTube from Twitch
Speculations on Pokimane switching to YouTube from Twitch

For now, it doesn’t look like the situation is calming down as both Pokimane and the Twitch fanbase await a response from Ninja amid the ongoing harassment.

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