When is Lightning McQueen coming to the Rocket League? Everything you need to know

When is Lightning McQueen coming to the Rocket League? Everything you need to know

(credits: Epic Games & DisneyPixar)

Psyonix is the company behind the fast-paced driving soccer game Rocket League, which they developed and released initially. The purpose of the game is to score as many goals as you can in five minutes while racing through a supersonic war vehicle setting. Following Epic Games‘ acquisition of Psyonix, the game is now available for free. Moreover, many new cars have come to the game since then, with Lightning McQueen now coming to the game soon!

The sole method to get rare cars in the game’s early stages was through loot boxes. Eventually, once Epic Games bought Psyonix, they changed the system to Blueprints. Furthermore, these blueprints allowed players to purchase the blueprint for whatever they wanted straight from the store. So, many of the game’s cars were no longer obtainable due to the lack of blueprints following this update!


However, there have been many rare cars since then and there have also been many explosive collabs, too! From cars based on Sweet Tooth available only on PlayStation to even a Batmobile, there are many such cars. Moreover, now this arsenal of cars is going to further increase with Epic Games adding Lightning McQueen to the fray!

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“Kachow!”— Lightning McQueen is coming to Rocket League

Fans have majorly favored pop culture crossovers, but Rocket League has also incorporated branded content from Ford and Puma, two mega-companies in the game. However, to soothe fans, a new addition will soon be coming to the game. Disney and Pixar will soon include Lightning McQueen from the animated Cars films in Rocket League.

When is Lightning McQueen coming to the Rocket League? Everything you need to know
(credits: Epic Games & DisneyPixar)

Recently, Rocket League revealed a huge new in-game bundle that will bring the beloved Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar to the game! Known for his speed, competitiveness and the fan-favorite phrase “Kachow”, the car will not come alone to the game. The bundle will also feature decals, goal animations, and other goodies. This bundle will be available starting 7th November and will cost 2,500 in-game credits. Below are the items available in the bundle:

  • Lightning McQueen Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Rust-eze Decal
  • Dinoco Decal
  • Cruisin’ Decal
  • Lightyear Racing Wheels
  • Lightyear Dinoco Wheels
  • Lightyear Whitewall Wheels
  • Ka-chow Goal Explosion
  • Lightning McQueen Player Banner
  • “Life Is A Highway” Player Anthem by Rascal Flatts

Furthermore, this would be the only car in the game to have actual expressions similar to the cars movie. Also, as per the official Rocket League announcement page, antennas and other restrictive items won’t be customizable with the Lightning McQueen build. Moreover, players would now be able to utilize the tips and tricks in the game with a Kachow. This new addition is going to arrive soon in the game and everyone is eagerly waiting for it!

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