“We just indirectly kissed”: When rumored boyfriend Kevin accidentally kissed Pokimane

“We just indirectly kissed”: When rumored boyfriend Kevin accidentally kissed Pokimane

Kevin and Pokimane during a cooking session

The rumored relationship of Pokimane and her mystery man Kevin has always been a subject of great interest for the Twitch streamer’s fans. While a lot of time has passed since we last saw Kevin Kim appearing on her livestream, there was actually a time when the two internet personalities indirectly kissed each other.


Imane Anys who goes by the name ‘Pokimane’ has been crowned as the most followed female Twitch streamers numerous times. Even though she has gone off-streaming for a month now, her popularity seems to be unhindered.

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How Pokimane made Kevin blush during their cooking session

"We just indirectly kissed": When rumored boyfriend Kevin accidentally kissed Pokimane
Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys

Pokimane and Kevin’s relationship rumors began way back in March this year when the former streamer astonished her viewers by bringing Kevin Kim as the ‘guest’ for her livestream. In fact, these rumors skyrocketed when she informed her fans about a contract between her and Kevin that will require the latter to feature in her cooking livestream sessions and other videos.


While rumors kept afloat, the two celebrities have neither acknowledged it nor denied it, although, they do seem quite good each other during their livestream sessions. On one such session where the two streamers were getting prepared for their usual cooking time together, something unexpected happened.

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Kevin can be seen drinking water from a glass when Pokimane appeared saying, ‘I drank all that’ to which Kevin started laughing and was about to spill the water. When the Twitch star asked, ‘Is that disgusting’? Kevin replied something that none of the viewers expected, was coming-

"Yeah we just indirectly kissed, how you feel about that?"

This made Pokimane go hysterical as she later asked, “How can you go from disgusting to we just kissed? Make your mind up”. While Kevin seemed to take it lightly, he joked that her viewers should not feel jealous. The 26 year old streamer then made Kevin blush as she said ‘He seems red’.


While Pokimane has been quite private about her personal life, she did seem to enjoy a good time with Kevin. However, fans were worried when he abruptly disappeared from her livestreams leading everyone to believe that they might have called it off due to the numerous relationship rumors.

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