“Oh my god”: When Valkyrae surprised everyone by calling this guy ‘daddy’

“Oh my god”: When Valkyrae surprised everyone by calling this guy ‘daddy’

Valkyrae has a crush on this fictional character

Former Twitch streamer who has now moved to YouTube Gaming, Valkyrae never shies away from expressing her feelings towards someone and is quite open about it. However, when she revealed about the only guy, she will call ‘daddy’, the streamer made it sure that fans turn their heads.


Although the 30-year-old streamer saw her days of fame on Twitch, she has established a considerable position on YouTube through her constant interaction with the fans as well as being a regular player for games like Valorant, Among Us, and others.

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Valkyrae is head over heels for this fictional character

"Oh my god": When Valkyrae surprised everyone by calling this guy 'daddy'
Chamber is an agent in Valorant

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, despite being the co-founder of the American eSports organization 100 Thieves, is also a dedicated member of Offline Tv Network as she often live streams along with notable members of the content creator group like Sykkuno, Pokimane, and Miyoung, playing different video games or enjoying a fun chat session.


On one such livestream with Sykkuno and Miyoung, the YouTuber was seen casually chatting with her fellow streamers when she immediately took attention when Sykkuno claimed that there might have been a new update in Valorant. Hearing this, the Queen of YouTube instantly replied-

"Is the hot guy in now?" 

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Sykkuno was able to understand about whom Valkyrae is talking about as he stated, “Oh yeah, the richest man with a watch. Who is this guy? Tony?”. Correcting him, she claimed, ‘That’s daddy’. As an obvious fact, both Sykkuno and Miyoung were surprised to see her drooling over a fictional character.

"Can't help it, look at him"

The hot guy that Valkyrae is talking about is none other than an agent from Riot Games’ FPS Valorant. The agent named ‘Chamber’ has piqued interest in the streamer who is also a frequent Valorant gamer. Surprisingly, this is not the first time that the streamer is head over heels for this agent as she has time and again expressed her crush on this fictional character.


Recently, during a podcast with 100 Thieves content creators, she also revealed her celebrity crush during her teenage days. She stated that she admired Orlando Bloom from Lord Of the Rings. As Valkyrae is known to adore cinematic characters, fans have already started her calling as the ‘Queen of being in love with fictional characters’.

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