When will Pokimane’s new podcast “Don’t Tell Anyone” premier? 

Pokimane launches her new podcast "Dont Tell Anyone" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular streaming services

When will Pokimane’s new podcast “Don’t Tell Anyone” premier? 

Popular Twitch streamer Imane Anys who is famously known as Pokimane has launched her first podcast. She announced a video post on Instagram and X(Twitter). According to the announcement, the podcast is scheduled to drop a new episode every Tuesday. Currently, Pokimane has the crown for the most followed female Twitch Streamer. 


On her channel, she plays several games such as Fortnite and League of Legends. Additionally, she hosts interactive streams, creating a space where she interacts directly with her audience, answering their questions. Moreover, she co-founded the Offline TV podcast on Twitch and YouTube, an online entertainment group featuring various content creators. Notably, the channel boasts around 395k subscribers.  

With the recent podcast announcement and launch, she has ventured into the Podcast world, too. For the podcast, she has teamed up with Abigail Lowenthal, a producer and a brand strategist. She claims that the podcast will explore things about her that are currently unknown to the world.  

The Date of the premier of Pokimane’s podcast ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ 

The highly anticipated podcast ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ launched on 12th December. It will be available across all streaming podcasts, namely Spotify, Apple, and others. Pokimane has around 30 million followers across different platforms. Her fans well-received the launch, unlike her ‘controversial’ cookies.

When will Pokimane's new podcast "Don't Tell Anyone" premier? 
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Hi everyone, welcome to the first episode of don’t tell anyone! 🙂 today we’re diving into all the juicy things i’ve been too scared to admit publicly, ranging from dating stories to business relationships & my own personal confessions. if you’ve ever really wanted to get to know me, this show is for you. hope you enjoy! 


The first episode of the podcast featured Pokimane talking about her dating life and her businesses. She explained that the first episode would feature her talking about things she has never talked about. The next episode, which would air on December 19, would cover her talking about ‘red flags in dating’.


The announcement of the launch of the podcast had a positive response from her fans. Her entrepreneurial spirits are on the rise with her latest launch being the cookies company named Myna. She also has a gaming talent management company and a brand management firm.  

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