Why RiceGum chose Rumble over Kick despite a generous offer?

The Rumble deal looked better for RiceGum compared to Kick's offer.

Why RiceGum chose Rumble over Kick despite a generous offer?

After taking a long break from being in the public eye, famous YouTuber RiceGum decided to come back to streaming. He has a lot of fans on YouTube and Twitch, and his comeback has made his dedicated community excited. The news of RiceGum contemplating his choice of streaming platform on Twitter sparked excitement among his devoted fans. They eagerly awaited his final decision, curious to see which platform he would ultimately select.


Taking a new and creative direction, RiceGum has decided to continue his streaming career on Rumble instead of Kick. This intentional change shows that RiceGum is committed to making entertaining content for his audience and putting their enjoyment before any requirements related to gambling.

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RiceGum’s Interesting Move of Opting for Rumble Over Kick

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RiceGum recently posted a picture on Twitter on July 4th that showed snapback hats with logos from different streaming websites. These logos belonged to Twitch, Rumble, Kick, and YouTube. This got fans thinking and wondering which platform he would choose. RiceGum hinted that he would announce his decision on July 5th, so fans didn’t have much time to guess. However, even though fans liked Kick, there were some doubts about RiceGum using that platform because he wasn’t verified and didn’t have features like subscribers.

It seems like RiceGum’s profile on Kick had a secretive message hinting at a big $50 million deal happening. But despite that, he chose to join Rumble, which means the offer from Kick didn’t convince him. He said,


“I had the Kick deal in front of me, I had the Rumble deal in front of me. And the Rumble deal just looked better, bro.”

This probably happened because RiceGum had concerns about the rules and requirements set by Kick. It seems like Kick wanted him to make videos about gambling for a certain amount of time. On the other hand, Rumble gave him a better offer that focused on creating content and didn’t have those conditions. Based on what he revealed, it was clear that Kick would have paid him much more money if he agreed to make a certain amount of content about gambling. On the other hand, Rumble didn’t make any such demands. RiceGum said,

“Oh well, like, I could stream but to make the most possible out on Kick. They wanted me to gamble like 30 days or something, I don’t know. Whereas Rumble, they just want me to make content.”

There has been a lot of disagreement in the streaming community about Kick’s connection with the crypto gambling website Stake. The fact that Kick included gambling as part of their contract has caused a lot of arguments among the community. It’s important to mention that RiceGum decided not to accept Kick’s offer because he values making content more than doing gambling stuff during his streams.

By choosing Rumble, RiceGum showed that he values creating content more than making gambling-related content as required by Kick. This intentional choice protects his reputation. It also emphasizes his commitment to entertaining and engaging his audience with a variety of content.


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