Xbox icon Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb bids farewell to Microsoft after 20 years

Hryb's departure marks the end of an era.

Xbox icon Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb bids farewell to Microsoft after 20 years

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Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson, has an important role in the gaming industry. Major Nelson has done impressive things for the Xbox brand, which has made him very popular among gamers all over the world. He gets really involved and genuinely excited about what he does, and this has definitely had a long-lasting effect on the gaming community.

Major Nelson, recently posted on Twitter to share some news. After being with Microsoft for twenty years, Hryb announced that he is leaving, which marks the end of a significant time. As the beloved person representing Xbox consoles, he expressed his gratitude to the countless gamers around the world who warmly accepted him on their gaming journeys.


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Major Nelson departs from Xbox after two decades

Xbox Icon Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb Bids Farewell to Microsoft After 20 Years
Image via Xbox Wiki

Hryb has had a role in shaping and guiding the Xbox brand during his career. He joined Microsoft in 2001, starting as the head of MSN Music. However, he quickly changed his focus to the Xbox program and became a Senior Project Manager. One of Hryb’s accomplishments was starting the Major Nelson Radio podcast, which later became the Official Xbox Podcast. This effort solidified his reputation as a well-known person among Xbox fans.

Hryb expressed how thankful he was for the support from the gaming community. He sincerely appreciated the opportunity to directly connect with players.


“I want you to all know that every moment I was able to interact with you the community—here on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Mixer or at the many events I attended around the world, I cherished every single moment. Every hand shake, every time I got stopped on the streets around a convention (happened a lot), every discussion we had about games and every photo we took together. The real magic in gaming is the community who makes, plays, enjoys and celebrates video games TOGETHER. Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, mobile—I don’t care where or how you play—we are ALL one community.”

 Larry Hryb

Hryb’s position may not have received as much attention as Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox at Microsoft. However, he still played a big part in shaping the experiences of numerous Xbox gamers, particularly during the Xbox 360 era. Many people admired his enthusiasm and strong dedication, which even earned recognition from Microsoft’s competitors in the gaming industry.

Players from all over the world will fondly remember his likable personality, active participation, and strong commitment to the Xbox brand. During the summer, The Official Xbox Podcast will take a break. However, it promises to come back with a new format that will surely make fans eagerly await its return.

Hryb leaving comes at a time when the Xbox brand is going through some changes. Microsoft’s upcoming purchase of Activision Blizzard and the changing nature of franchises like Halo are contributing to this changing environment. As Major Nelson says goodbye to his time at Microsoft, his departure leaves a void in the gaming community.


While Hryb hasn’t shared details about his future plans, he did mention that he intends to take a break and enjoy the summer in Seattle with his family. Both gamers and colleagues are excited to hear updates about what Major Nelson will be doing next. His actions are likely to have an effect on the gaming community. Larry Hryb has made significant contributions that have undeniably left a mark, and his departure represents a change for Xbox fans. They eagerly anticipate what the future has in store for both him and the Xbox brand.

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