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xQc angrily says Ludwig can’t do gambling streams because he “sold out” to YouTube

xQc talks about what he thinks is the real reason for Ludwig not doing any gambling streams. read more here!

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, in a recent stream of his replied to Ludwig’s take on gambling streams which he had talked about in a stream of his own.

Ludwig had previously said reacting to Mizkif’s clip that he did not have a price and a billion dollars couldn’t get him to do a gambling sponsorship.

xQc says Ludwig “sold out” to YouTube

Felix “xQc” Lengyel who is very well known for his time as a professional OverWatch player on the Dallas Fuel and Team Canada along with his insanely viral streaming career, recently talked about what Ludwig had said in regards to his sponsored gambling stream.

xQc, after a year of swearing off sponsored gambling streams, recently announced that he would be doing them again and his watchers were heavily divided on the issue.


The first half was worried about the kind of impression that he might put on his young viewers who were considered to be his most impressionable audience while the other half did not care what xQc streamed as long as he enjoyed and made sure they enjoyed.

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Mizkif talks about xQc’s fiasco

It wasn’t just his audience that was split into two factions however, the streaming world also got divided over the issue as well with big names such as Pokimane, Ludwig and more saying they wouldn’t take such a sponsorship ever and on the other hand, Mizkif was seen saying that everyone had a price and if offered a high enough amount, they would seriously consider it.

Even after hearing what Mizkif had said, Ludwig reacted to the clip and said the even if he was offered a billion dollars, he would simply not take such a sponsor due to his previous gambling addiction which he has now overcome.

Ludwig reveals the reason for not doing gambling streams ever

After hearing this entire who’s who, xQc, the man responsible for starting this entire fiasco in the first place, decided to reveal his thoughts on the matter and what, according to him, was the real reason for Ludwig not taking such ads.

He said that he had thought about what Ludwig had said, and then he realised what the actual reason for Ludwig to say such a thing may have been, “Ludwig says he doesn’t have a price. Then it hit me. It’s because Ludwig is on YouTube and YouTube doesn’t allow any [gambling], and Ludwig signed and sold out to YouTube.”

Leaving this out in the open, Ludwig is yet to respond to the statement made by xQc and you can rest assured that if he does, we will cover it.

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