“I want to see 1 billion points” xQc asks chat to bet 1 billion channel points on twitch

This article talks about how xQc asked for help from his chat again as he attempted to break what he assumed was a world record.

xqc feature image
Félix Lengyel 'xQc'

xQc is often seen streaming Mario Kart and the streamer seems to be extremely good at it as he knows all the tricks and shortcuts in the game. While he was streaming he asked his chat to bet on whether or not they believe he will finish in the top3. The chat obliged as the channel point counter ticked up. His skill with Mario Kart probably made most of his chat vote for him instead of against him as he was finishing first in a lot of races.

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Why did xQc do this?

He did this because he wanted to break the record for “The most amount ever better on a single event”. He even guided those new to twitch on how to bet channel points, he was absolutely determined. The chat happily obliged as the numbers increased from 200 million to 500 million and finally reached a billion at the end of it. He has yet again broken a record with the help of his chat.

xqc mario kart
xqc is insanely good at mario kart

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How did xQc react to this acheivement?

He was extremely joyous when they finally bet his one billion channel points calling the people who went all out on the bet chads, gaming warlords and gamers insane. When the set goal was achieved xQc couldn’t believe it and he was constantly asking chat if that was indeed a world record.

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