“It’s just f**king dog s**t!” xQc bursts out at rival Twitch streamer for stream sniping his team

xQc is not happy with stream snipers hampering his game

“It’s just f**king dog s**t!” xQc bursts out at rival Twitch streamer for stream sniping his team

xQc (Image via; Dexerto)

xQc earlier today (May 19th) lashed out at content creators for allegedly ‘stream sniping’ him during the Rust Twitch rivals streaming. He vented his frustration over the constant misuse of live streaming, which hindered his team’s game during the event. The streamer called them out, saying they were “dogs**t.”

Stream sniping is a major problem for gamers who live stream their content. This usually happens to popular streamers like xQc, and it’s basically cheating. Stream sniping allows one person to plan their next move according to the one they are watching. It provides a rather unfair advantage to the user and hampers the gaming experience that xQc endured during his stream.


Moreover, this is not a one-time occurrence, stream-snipping has become mainstream when it comes to getting the upper hand on your opponent or sometimes just trolling them.

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xQc slams the streamer who Stream sniped his team during the Rust Twitch Rivals event

“It’s just f**king dog s**t!” xQc bursts out at rival Twitch streamer for stream sniping his team

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In the final moments of his stream, the French-Canadian streamer who was participating in the Rust Twitch Rivals shows match stopped playing after just eight hours of streaming and targeted the ‘stream snipers’. xQc said, “You know, [streamers] are going to be back from being f**king dead, okay? And, when they ask, ‘Why is this happening? I don’t know why!’ because they failed to realize, that they had to make something and create something! And they failed to realize that they are ego Andy dumbf**k, and that’s what’s going to happen.”

He called out the stream snipers, saying they were trash. “And you know, dude, why is he going off like that? Why is he there?’ Well, you know why? Because your [streamers] are f**king dog s**t pieces of trash! And they are absolute garbage at their job! P*ssy!” 

The former Overwatch pro did not stop there he even criticized why Rust events are not that popular among people. He said,And the reason why this event [Rust Twitch Rivals] has sucked in the past and the other years, is that very specific behavior. It’s just f**king dog s**t! Okay? That’s why! Simple concept. Okay? So, congrats! Now people get less! cool, Pagman.”


Stream snipping the age-old problem

xQc‘s recent incident is one of the many in the constant circle of stream-sniping hell. Ever since streaming platforms like Twitch, and YouTube allowed people to go live and showcase whatever content they prefer, they have faced stream sniping. Be it in video games, or even IRL (Real Life) streams. There are loads of incidents of people being caught or called out for their misconduct but it continues to happen.

Let’s just take xQc as an example who is quite well known for his gaming streams and this incident is not the first time it has happened to him during the stream. In previous years he would face stream snipers day and day out

Even on some of his IRL streams, he cannot seem to get away


The story does not end on xQc though other content creators over the years have faced similar problems. Take ex-CS: GO professional player Shroud aka Michael Grzesiek example, who faces this conundrum quite regularly

Recently, North American Valorant team Sentinels content creator and former CS: GO pro player Tarik had this to say about stream snipers while talking to his Sentinels colleague Sacy who asked him how deals with stream snipers, Traik replied,” I don’t, honestly, I try not to cry about it because they want to see my cry. It’s best to ignore it.”

The stream sniping problem doesn’t seem like it will go away soon. There are people who just want to hinder other people’s fun or just troll them by creating a nuisance. It’s as Tarik said, it’s better to ignore it rather than just complain too much.


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