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xQc claims an extraordinary $119 million has been wagered using his gambling code

xQc in a recent stream revealed how much money has been wagered so far using his unique creator code. read more!

xQc Gambling Addiction

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, known for his professional Overwatch career and his extremely successful twitch streaming career, has been the centre of attention yet again because of his gambling sponsorships.

After revealing that he would be continuing sponsored gambling streams again, Felix came under fire for supporting such companies and putting a bad influence on his audience.

xQc reveals the amount wagered using his code his gambling sponsors

After recently coming under fire, xQc still continued to go ahead with the gambling streams stating that he was allowed to choose the type of content he wants to make.


Big names such as Ludwig, Mizkif, Asmongold, and more have spoken up on the topic too. Some supporting him saying that “Everyone has a price” while some saying it was unethical nonetheless.

All this talk doesn’t seem to bother xQc either way as he continued to have a full fledged gambling stream and promoted his sponsors throughout the duration of it.

xQc reveals how much money has been wagered using his code

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In a recent stream, after being asked about it multiple times, xQc revealed the amount of money that had been wagered using his code on his sponsor’s website which was a whopping $119 million.

However, The Canadian streamer did not even seem fazed after reading out the numbers to his chat. He proceeded to smile and say “Total wagered? Oh, it’s not that bad. $119 million, it’s not f**king crazy crazy. It’s not crazy crazy,” he continued to say “That’s rookie numbers… compared to some of these nutjobs, yeah,”

xQc reveals data shared by his sponsor

When his viewers asked him how the deposit bonuses on the website he was being sponsored by worked, he said “Guys, that’s wagered. It means putting it in, but it always comes back somehow,”. This was an explanation that X’s fans did not seem to buy.

Since Felix also didn’t show the statistics on his screen, many viewers even doubted the authenticity of the data that he was reading out and said that the numbers he was reading were exaggerated even after him trying to explain things to his chat in multiple different ways.

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