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xQc fanpage discontinues updates about his gambling streams

xQc's fanpage has had to stop his gambling updates from their side as the work was getting a bit too much for them

The news comes from the page xQcUpdates on Twitter where they post, or used to post, anything and everything about xQc’s streams including his gambling stats when he would do one of his gambling streams.

The page has mostly been covering his gambling stats ever since Felix started to indulge in his habit again on stream and they cited that it had been tough to keep a track of it every day.

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xQcUpdates discontinues gambling updates from the streamer

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is a Canadian variety streamer on the amazon owned streaming platform, twitch. He also boasts a past in the professional Overwatch scene where he played under the Dallas Fuel and also under team Canada during his stint.


However, he has managed to leave his professional career as an Overwatch professional behind and become a full time twitch streamer where he has been earning millions and millions of dollars.

xQcUpdates on twitter

Felix was recently under attack by his fans and fellow streamers alike after having taken up a gambling sponsorship even though he had publicly claimed that he wouldn’t be doing any of those anymore about a year ago and it seems that even his fanpages are having difficulties because of it.

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One of the most active fanpages for xQc, “xQcUpdates“, recently posted that the work pressure that they were getting under in order to prepare the charts and statistics for each and every time Lengyel gambled was getting too much to handle and that they would be discontinuing the segment.

This does NOT in any way mean that the page itself is going to go inactive but rather that the page will simply keep giving updates on everything xQc except for the gambling statistics and the streams.

There was a mixed reaction from the followers of the page as some were really excited this time around to see the updates as Felix had started off with an opening balance of $258K while others considered the people running the page to be human and surprised that they were even able top keep up for this long.

xQc has started on gambling streams again

Wither way, it seems that this is going to be the end of the gambling updates from the one particular fanpage which will still keep people posted about everything else about the absurd yet lovable variety streamer of ours.

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