xQc lays down his conditions to fight El Rubius after getting called out

xQc responds to El Rubius' boxing challenge on a stream! Read more here!

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Felix Lengyel, better known by his gaming alias, xQc, was recently called out by one of his older beefouts, El Rubius to a boxing match for a second time!

Responding to the challenge, Felix decided to respond this time around and no, not in the form of a crab walk as a joke to make on Gundersen.

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xQc agrees to fight El Rubius under specific conditions!

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has never been a person who remains out of the spotlight for too long. Be it his absurd Valorant clips, or him picking up sponsored gambling streams again, somehow, drama finds him.

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In the most recent of events, we saw El Rubius, one of the most popular Spanish streamers on Twitch, call out Lengyel for a second time after initially making the challenge in May 2021 where xQc had simply joked about him playing the easy stamina game with him and beating him.

This time however, El Rubius made sure that Felix knew that the challenge was serious as he made the challenge from the ring of one of the most popular streamer boxing events, La Velada Del Año II.

El Rubius
El Rubius

El Rubius made the call to Felix while he was being interviewed and called him out to fight him in the ring under the condition that neither of the participants would be allowed to train before the event.

It would seem that Lengyel has taken the challenge more seriously this time and has finally responded to the open challenge on one of his streams on twitch.

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Responding to the open callout made by El Rubius, xQc called him a “funny guy” while making fun of his boxing stance and saying that he would “fold him in half like a stack of papers”.

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xQc responds to El Rubius’ boxing challenge

Once he was done with the jovial fight talk, he laid down his actual conditions under which he would agree to the fight which were as follows :-

  1. There would be no boxing training, only physical condition training
  2. The fight has to be next year. i.e. 2023.
  3. There should be money on the line.

As Felix outlined these conditions, fans were pretty satisfied with the answer along with the feeling of knowing that there was an actual chance of a fight in the near future.

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