xQc leaks ChatGPT history about potentially signing with Kick

xQc accidentally leaks chats signalling a move to Kick.

xQc leaks ChatGPT history about potentially signing with Kick

Credits: xQc

Popular Twitch streamer xQc recently made waves when he leaked his ChatGPT history during a live stream, revealing a conversation with the AI that hinted at a possible move to rival streaming platform Kick.

In the leaked conversation, xQc asked ChatGPT for advice on how to announce his new contract with Kick to his viewers, claiming that he was “the world’s biggest Twitch streamer” and had signed with the platform. He also asked about gambling on the platform, noting the controversy that had arisen when he gambled on Twitch.

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xQc’s potential move to Kick


xQc quickly denied writing the prompts, claiming that he “wasn’t even at the computer” and that someone else had pranked him by using his shared account. Despite the denial, the leak has sparked speculation that xQc may be considering a move to Kick.

If the move does materialize, it would be a major coup for Kick, which has been aggressively trying to lure top streaming talent away from Twitch. The platform’s revenue split of 95/5 for creators is certainly attractive, as is its promise of a more streamlined and less restrictive streaming experience.

However, Twitch still remains the dominant player in the streaming space, and it would take more than just a few big-name signings for Kick to truly challenge its supremacy. Still, with the platform’s aggressive tactics and the allure of a better revenue split, it’s possible that we could see a shift in the streaming landscape in the coming months.

For now, though, the xQc-Kick saga remains shrouded in mystery. Was the leak just a prank, or is there something more substantial behind it? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: the battle for streaming supremacy is heating up, and Kick is not backing down.

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