“That reminds me of my Aim” xQc reacts to best aim in Valorant

This article talks about how Félix Lengyel 'xQc' reacted to a clip of the most legendary aim that Valorant has seen so far

xqc Valorant
Félix Lengyel better known as xQc

Valorant is an extremely popular shooter in the CSGO format. Since it is a shooter aim is something that definitely matters. xQc himself is an ex-pro overwatch player to he definitely knows a thing or two about shooters and he took his chat to witness the most legendary aim in Valorant by none other than Fuslie herself. Fuslie’s amazing aim was caught on streaming and even Disguised Toast had a few things to say about it.

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What did Fuslie do?

The clip of Fuslie’s Aim has been circulating all over the Valorant community. It is one of those rare moments that you have to be extremely lucky to witness and this one was caught on stream. While she was playing on the map Breeze along with Disguised Toast and Valkyrae, Fuslie managed to miss easy shots on an enemy Reyna which ended up killing her. Her legendary aim is drawing the eyes of many towards her.

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How did xQc react to it?

xQc was extremely curious when he saw Fuslie had made the shot. He had a smile in his face because he anticipated something was about to go really wrong. After watching Leslie miss a few shots he said “it reminds me of my aim stop it” then shut the clip and proceeded to check some Reddit links

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