“Nobody’s Human except the Child, Gotcha” xQc reacts to HasanAbi’s Twitch chat celebrating the death of the Titanic submarine crew

xQc has taken a shot at HasanAbi's Twitch chat after the Titanic submarine crew was reported dead. Read on to know more

“Nobody’s Human except the Child, Gotcha” xQc reacts to HasanAbi’s Twitch chat celebrating the death of the Titanic submarine crew

Right after exchanging some fierce words with Pokimane over his remarks on switching platforms for streaming, xQc has found yet another move to make on HasanAbi. After the recent tragedy of 5 men on board the Titan submarine went missing, xQc went through HasanAbi’s Twitch chat. As for the Titan, the reports by US Navy indicate the submersible drowned because of instability within the system.


Famous billionaire Hamish Harding, famous French diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet and Pakistani father-son duo Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman and the CEO of OceanGate expedition Stockton Rush were on the Titan Submarine. The news has been confirmed about the death of 5 men on board after the debris from the Titan was found after an excruciating search that lasted 5 days.

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xQc calls out HasanAbi over an insensitive comment by his fan

"Nobody's Human except the Child, Gotcha" xQc reacts to HasanAbi's Twitch chat celebrating the death of the Titanic submarine crew
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However, the subject of his interest was, Hasan Abi’s Twitch followers sharing comments on the lost Titan. The news of the lost Titan submarine has gone viral around the world and its founder company OceanGate expedition has come under scrutiny. xQc reacts to HasanAbi’s Twitch chat about the death of the Titan crew. But xQc through his stream targeted Hasan Abi indirectly. Reading one of the comments which said, “RIP BOZO expect the kid”. xQc was quick on his toes to comment by saying, “Nobody’s Human except the Child, Gotcha”.


Another person on chat said, ” GET F*CKED BILLIONAIRES (maybe not the kid idk who cares really) HAW HAW HAW”. xQc slammed Hasan’s audience for such a vile reaction toward the deceased ones just for being wealthy. Hasan has not reacted to what his chat was saying however streamer should surely say something regarding this.

A few days back HasanAbi thrashed xQc over his decision to switch platforms and he went on to call xQc “Trainwashed.”

In this statement, after xQc joined Kick with a $100 million deal, he said, “I wasn’t saying that you were Trainwashed or you were Trainposting beforehand. But I was saying that your arguments resembled Train’s. But now, I’m saying it. You are f*cking Trainwashed brother…You are behaving schizo. You are behaving schizo as f*ck.”

It’s going to be a long drama considering neither of the streamers is known for backing down. This sparked widespread debate on the internet about whether the comments on HasanAbi’s channel were appropriate. Keep in touch to know more about future updates of the same.


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