“Don’t put me in the d”: xQc reacts to Knut rating him D

xQc reacted on the Camp Knut prospect chart of future recruits for the Camp Knut fitness program.

xQc reacts to Knut rating him D
xQc reacts to Knut rating him D

The famous Twitch streamer Felix “xQc” reacts to the Knut putting him in section D, while ranking the potential future Camp Knut prospects with Nmplol. Camp Knut is a month-long fitness event hosted by coaches Knut and Wake Wilder. Train various OTK members in dieting, weightlifting, and other forms of physical fitness.

The bodybuilder and live streamer Knut predicted about Felix that he never showed up to Camp Knut, if he did show up he will probably do gambling or play games. Knut gave the reason behind putting Candian native streamer to D section of Camp Knut prospect chart.

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xQc found himself in the D Section of Camp Knut prospect chart

xQc reacts to Knut rating him D
xQc found himself in the D Section of Camp Knut prospect chart

The bodybuilder and streamer Knut came up with Nmplol to give ranking to the other streamers in regards if they can follow his workout camp properly. Camp Knut is a fitness program for OTK members for their well-being.

Camp Knut is already a success in terms of viewership and results, and Knut showed his interest to recruit a new batch of streamers for future fitness events, some of the streamers are requested by the fans.

While ranking the Twitch most viewed streamer Felix “xQc“, Knut explains why he wants to put him in section D. He called the 30-year-old streamer notorious dependability and cited that the streamer eventually stop showing up to the event.

Knut said: “The thing is about xQc, you would never know. That’s the problem,” he continued. “Will he show up? Will he respond? Will he be there playing some random game? He will show up the first day and then get stuck playing games. We don’t know. Will he be gambling instead? Who knows? Maybe Jubilee will post a new video that he had to react to, might happen as well.”

However, after listening to the Knut, xQc disagree with him and stated “Okay listen, guys, this a fake news guys this is some fake news sh*t. Everybody knows when I put myself in my follow me something is I have the energy of the fu**ing unleashed tiger okay I’m like a Fu**ing tiger.”

He continued “It don’t matter I show up dude I go, fu**king crazy mode man, i am unleashed out the warzoo don’t put me in the fu**king d that’s a plus s plus doubles like that man”

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