“I take it back”: xQc regrets cracking the chair sniffing joke on Pokimane

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel openly admitted that he should not have cracked the joke of sniffing the chair of Pokimane after the streamer went away for a moment during her livestream.

“I take it back”: xQc regrets cracking the chair sniffing joke on Pokimane
xQc expresses his regret on making a joke on Pokimane

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel found himself in the middle of a controversy again after he faced huge backlash over cracking the chair sniffing joke on Pokimane. Days later, he admitted on his live stream that he regrets saying that.

xQc recently started hosting his own show named ‘Juiced’ with the help of Ludwig’s Offbrand agency. Even though he has five more episodes to host this month, he remains regular with his livestreams on Twitch.

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xQc’s old clip of sniffing Pokimane’s chair lands him in trouble

“I take it back”: xQc regrets cracking the chair sniffing joke on Pokimane
Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel

The last month was nothing short of a roller coaster ride for Twitch streamers after ItsSliker got exposed of scamming money from viewers to fuel his gambling addiction. The ‘ban gambling’ drama later took an ugly turn as Trainwreckstv and Mizkif started putting up serious accusations on each other.

xQc was also not short of dramas as he claimed openly that he has nothing to hide when Mizkif was called out for covering up a se*ual assault case. The former Overwatch player seemed quite confident of not being involved in any such controversies related to se*ual assault when an old clip of him went viral.

In the clip one can see xQc being compelled by his viewers to sniff Pokimane’s chair after the latter went offline for a bit without turning off her livestream. Felix Lengyel took his camera’s position under Pokimane’s chair and pretended to sniff it jokingly.

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This ‘joke’ however landed him in hot waters as viewers started calling him out for his hypocrisy. It was only when Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys expressed her disgust on the incident, that xQc decided to address the matter-

“I looked off-stream at the sniffing chair joke… Guys, I take it back. That was kind of f**ked. It was pretty weird, I was on no sleep. I’m not going to lie to you chat, it was pretty weird. Don’t imitate that behavior chat.”

Expressing his deep regret on the matter, he urged his viewers not to imitate the behavior enacted by him as it was certainly a bad idea to do so.

While Pokimane seems to take the incident lightly as she knows xQc was certainly joking, several fans seemed to be vexed by his behavior. Now that streamer has issued an apology, things might take a different turn.

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