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xQc shocked that NASA tweeted about him!

NASA tweeted about xQc! or did they? Find out here!

xQc was going about his daily shenanigans when his chat brought his attention to one of NASA’s recent tweets in which they had tweeted about a mission that had recently launched.

The mission was named the XQC Mission and Lengyel was just as surprised as you might be right now reading this with your own eyes but before we get too carried away, the mission’s full form is “X-Ray Quantum Calorimeter” which is not even remotely related to xQc, the streamer.

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xQc finds out that NASA tweeted about him!

Felix Lengyel, better known to the world as his gaming alias, xQc is currently a full time twitch streamer where he streams variety content from games to reactions to the most popular things happening around the world.


xQc is no stranger to being under the spotlight and this was yet another instance of him getting unsolicited attention from the world for something he wasn’t even remotely related to.

In a similar fashion, recently, one of his fans had also submitted his picture as someone who was graduating high school to a page that posted congratulatory messages for such people and sure enough, his picture got posted.

xQc reading the NASA tweet

In a more recent stream of his, viewers asked him to check out NASA’s latest tweet and seeing to the number of people who were suggesting he do it, Felix caved and opened up the tweet.

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Once he did though, he was just as shocked as we were when we heard it for the first time! Sure enough, NASA had mentioned XQC in the tweet but after a closer look, he was able to decipher that it wasn’t him that NASA was talking about and it was something completely different.

NASA was in fact, talking about one of their recent missions which sent a new measuring instrument to outer space whose abbreviations just happened to be the juicer’s gaming alias.


Felix joked about suing them but decided against it as they would be able to counter him and put him in a stronghold. In the end, him and his viewers all had a good laugh on the matter and moved on.

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