“Where’s everybody gone at,” xQc slams people not ‘calling out’ streamers who are gambling despite its ban on Twitch

xQc lashes out at the hypocrites who are not protesting against the gambling streams on Twitch.

“Where’s everybody gone at,” xQc slams people not ‘calling out’ streamers who are gambling despite its ban on Twitch

Image Credits: xQc/ Twitch

Twitch streamer xQc highlighted the continuation of gambling streams during his recent broadcast and slammed the ‘hypocrites’ who are not calling out these streamers.

The Overwatch pro was reacting to Trainwreckstv’s opinion which was shared on the r/livestreamfails subreddit section. He readily agreed with him and asked his chat, “where is all the outrage from the anti-gamba andys? Where are all the f*cking tweets“. He later added that the people who were calling it to be a major problem have now turned a blind eye to the problem that is still persistent.

All these guys combined have 20-50K, 30K viewers, right? Where’s everybody gone at? “, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel continued to express his bewilderment that there are no ‘call outs’ against these streamers. Explaining further, he compared the current situation to his past streams where he used to gamble.

He stated that these people are breaking the Twitch terms of service and still there is no protest from the so-called concerned public on the platform. “People care less about these guys than whatever I was doing even though it was allowed on the site,” xQc called this scenario to be fu*king insane.

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xQc backs up Trainwreckstv in terms of gambling streams

"Where's everybody gone at," xQc slams people not 'calling out' streamers who are gambling despite its ban on Twitch
xQc and Trainwreckstv

Both xQc and Trainwreckstv led the gambling streams and made an insane amount of profit through this. However, the ItsSliker controversy compelled these streamers to make a drastic change in their content.

xQc even teamed up with Ludwig to pay back the victims of ItsSliker, and the community hailed the move taken by both of them. Despite this, the Canadian star expressed his disappointment to see the gambling streams.

He reiterated Trainwreckstv’s statements in the aspect of gambling streams getting close to 200K-300K views on the platform. The latter streamer also repeated his previous claim where he stated that he has been the sole target of Twitch all the time.

At the latter part of this discussion, xQc explained that if people want Twitch to ban gambling, they should do the protest in a right way. “don’t say ‘oh dude, I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do’ Nah, it’s because you’re a virtue signaling p*ssy as* b*tch. That’s what it is,” he hit out the people who are still supporting these streams.

He made it clear that he wasn’t mad at this but something still irks him. Although the Twitch star didn’t mention that the platform has been targeting him, nor did he give any hints of shifting his streaming platform.

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