xQc submits request for name change on twitch after , Will we see the sad collapse of Mr. Cow?

xQc has been successful in renaming his twitch channel from "xQcOW" to simply "xQc" and here's how it happened!

xQc name change on twitch

Felix “xQc” Lengyel, known for his professional career in Activision Blizzard’s shooter, Overwatch while he played for Team Canada and Dallas Fuel and of course, his absurdities on stream.

The name of his twitch channel has been “xQcOW” ever since he started streaming on the platform and in a sweet way, parts of his Overwatch days have stuck to him up until recently

xQc ready to drop the “OW” from his Twitch Channel

xQc’s channel name has been “xQcOW” ever since the Canadian streamer started on his journey of content creation on the Amazon owned streaming platform.

xQc talks about his experience after playing Overwatch 2 Beta
xQc on his name change on twitch

The reason for him having the OW in his name in the first place was him being a professional player in the game of Overwatch. Hence, the OW stood for OverWatch. However, even after he put the professional mantle down, he couldn’t change his name due to twitch’s policy.

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Recently on a stream Lengyel was simply interacting with his chat when he suddenly stopped and said “I just got news actually live,” In his May 18th livestream, he proceeded to say “[Twitch Partnership rep] Pluto told me that there were some changes and they’re able to get stuff done. And he said, after I asked, he just submitted the change to have my username shortened to ‘xQc.’”

xQc got angry after a viewer called him a 'part time streamer'
xQc at one of his professional OverWatch tournaments

The chat went bonkers after hearing this. While some celebrated that the streamer would be able to be known as his name and his name only, others were saddened by the news as they realised this might be the end of the “Mr. Cow” joke as the OW would be gone.

And of course, people didn’t take long to ask the obvious question, Was this the end of Felix’s relationship with OverWatch?

Overwatch 2 Beta comes close
Overwatch 2 Artwork

“Well I like Overwatch, [so] we’ll see how it goes,” he started to say. “I told him not to put the brakes on it. I asked if it’s possible and if something’s possible we just click the red button.” so it would seem that the change is definitely happening if there are provisions for it to happen but at the same time, it would be too early to say anything about Felix leaving his roots.

image 6 - FirstSportz
xQc’s Channel on twitch

At the time of writing this article, his name has officially been changed to simply “xQc”

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