“Tell em queen,” xQc subtly trolls Twitch streamer Nadia for defending Pokimane’s cookies price

“Tell em queen,” xQc subtly trolls Twitch streamer Nadia for defending Pokimane’s cookies price

(credits: @nadiakamine & @xqcow1 on Instagram)

A lot of streamers’ names are popping up quite a lot lately. There’s been an influx of dramas and controversies that have taken over the internet like wildfire! Furthermore, a certain controversy’s totally spiraled out of control, and in the midst of is the famous Twitch streamer Pokimane. Yes, it’s the Myna Cookie controversy, and it has pulled in many famous streamers like HasanAbi, Nadia, and others! And recently, xQc has trolled Nadia for supporting Pokimane in this ongoing controversy!

When it comes to making money, content creators and streamers are always on top. Many streamers and content creators have their own businesses apart from their social media careers. Additionally, considering the hype amongst their fan base, these businesses run really well, too. The Prime Energy drink, owned by KSI and Logan Paul, is a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and its recent deal with Coca-Cola has further hyped the brand.


However, when these businesses don’t offer much and still have overpriced products, the fan base starts to question the creators. And that’s what has happened with the whole Pokimane Cookies drama! Moreover, fans have even alleged the Twitch streamer rebranded a dropshipped cookie company as her own. All this combined has given rise to a lot of drama online. Furthermore, it seems like xQc couldn’t stay away from the Pokimane Cookies controversy!

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Twitch streamer xQc trolls fellow streamer Nadia for supporting Pokimane in the Cookies controversy

Pokimane, the Twitch sensation, has introduced a new food company called Myna Snacks. Moreover, it also became popular on the internet quite rapidly. Many were thrilled with Pokimane’s debut in the food industry, but drama was unavoidable, and it materialized! The “over-priced” drama surrounding the cookies has sparked a lot of debate online. Although streamers like HasanAbi have spoken in support of Pokimane, many stand against her.

"Tell em queen," xQc subtly trolls Twitch streamer Nadia for defending Pokimane's cookies price
(credits: @pokimanelol on Instagram)

Furthermore, famous streamer Nadia has also come up to support Pokimane in her new venture and the controversy it has sparked. Nadia made her argument entirely around sexism and suppression of women. Moreover, Nadia, in her tweet, has intensely talked about sexism and Redpill streamers like N3on and Sneako suppressing women-led businesses.

And recently, xQc has hit back at the Warzone Twitch streamer over the tweet of her supporting Pokimane’s Cookies controversy. Moreover, xQc, in his official X tweet has said,

“Yes Nadia, it is the hate towards women that gave the cookies their price tag. Coincidently, it’s also the hate towards women that made everyone live paycheck to paycheck and not able to afford luxury goods. There’s no valid criticism here, tell em queen”

Nadia has yet to give a response to xQc’s troll, and it seems like a new drama between the two may unfold. This entire Pokimane Cookie Controversy has taken over the internet, and even Adin Ross has commented on this quite recently. Moreover, with new happenings popping up every day, this drama isn’t stopping anytime soon!


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