“You’re playing half the game” xQc’s take on aim assist

“You’re playing half the game” xQc’s take on aim assist

In another controversy this week xQc mocked players who use aim assist by saying that they were playing “half the game”. This is a continuation of the ongoing debate among the gaming community about the controversial nature of aim assist. The streamer. The former overwatch pro was participating in an invitational tournament for Apex Legends which also included players who used controllers. This is when he made the controversial remark.

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What is the problem with aim assist?

Aim assist is used for controller players to make it easier for them to aim. Controllers were never kept in mind while designing First-person shooters but thanks to games like Halo and Call of Duty their popularity among FPS players still remains. The problem with this is that controllers lack the precision of Mouse and Keyboard. In fact, many games do not let PC players and console players play with each other.

Aim assist makes it easier to aim using a controller by letting the crosshairs snap onto the nearest target. This makes up for the otherwise sluggish aim of a controller. However, when controller players and Mouse and Keyboard players come together, Mouse and keyboard players often believe that the controller players get an unfair advantage and lack skill due to the existence of aim assist.


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How did xQc respond to aim assist?

xQc mocked the controller players in the tournament by telling them that they are playing half the game. He added that they are only doing half the job of aiming while they let the computer do the other half of it. Recently xQc had also accused Halo infinite’s aim assist as being broken, the popular streamer had said that the game was still tracking enemies when he had kept his controller down. It seems that xQc hates aim assist in all games equally.

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