“It’s like a burnt nugget,’ xQc tastes & gives an honest opinion on Pokimane’s Myna cookies

“It’s like a burnt nugget,’ xQc tastes & gives an honest opinion on Pokimane’s Myna cookies

(credits: xQc on Twitch & @pokimanelol on Instagram)

Recently, popular streamers all around have been involving themselves in dramas and controversies. Moreover, the Pokimane overpriced cookie controversy has taken over the internet, and this controversy has engaged many streamers! Many streamers stand in support of Pokimane, while many are totally against it. And recently, despite the ongoing feud between xQc and Pokimane, the Twitch Queen sent xQc a sample of Myna Cookies, which Felix gave an honest opinion on. However, the honest opinion was quite brutal!

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Recently, Pokimane dipped into the food industry and launched her own cookie brand called Myna Cookies. Furthermore, many fans hounded the streamer over how she has rebranded a dropshipped Cookie Company into her own! This and the overpriced nature of her products spiraled a lot of debate online. Moreover, this Myna Cookies controversy also led to a feud between Pokimane and xQc. And xQc’s honest opinion over the cookies is quite brutally honest!

xQc gives quite a brutal honest opinion on Pokimane’s Myna Cookies

On November 14, Imane “Pokimane” revealed her firm, which makes nutritious snacks. Fans couldn’t wait to test their first item. However, the overpriced nature of the cookies sparked a lot of controversy online. Although streamers like Nadia and HasanAbi supported Pokimane’s new venture, many Red Pill streamers were against it! Felix “xQc” also feuded online with Pokimane, saying he receives more backlash for controversies than Pokimane does!

"It's like a burnt nugget,' xQc gives an honest opinion on Pokimane's Myna cookies
(credits: xQc on Twitch)

However, despite their feud, Pokimane sent xQc a sample box of her Myna Cookies, and the streamer gave his honest and unbiased opinion of the product. Although the taste opinion was quite brutal, xQc claimed to give feedback regardless of how it is!


xQc reviewed Pokiamane’s cookies on a recent Twitch livestream. The Twitch streamer skipped the first few cookies after comparing them with burnt nuggets and burnt marshmallows. After a while, xQc tried the cookies and said,

“I think feedback is very important. It has pros, it has cons. The initial bite, tastes like not a lot, okay? It tastes like an Oreo top cookie, but worse. But not as bitter. But once all the things in it are chewed into a more consistent paste, it’s not terrible. Hold up, it’s not great either. I am not being rude. It’s not great, not terrible. This is a cookie texture I’ve never had before. It’s a little bit odd. I give it a five.”

xQc is quite the food enthusiast and “snack fan” who “eats cookies all the time.” Hence, he thought of giving his honest feedback on Pokimane’s Myna Cookies. The Twitch streamer even called his brother to taste the cookies, who gave the cookies a 6 out of 10! This entire drama is still raging on the internet as recently Pokimane called her fans opposing the cookies broke. This has given rise to a lot of drama around Pokimane unfolding!

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