YouTuber tricks iShowSpeed into believing he got his own Fortnite skin

YouTuber tricks iShowSpeed into believing he got his own Fortnite skin

Did iShowSpeed just show up at Fortnite?

Does iShowSpeed have his own Fortnite skin? Fans have been googling this question since yesterday as the content creator shared a video of himself reacting to his own skin in the battle-royale game. The reality, however, is that he was tricked into believing that Fortnite added his skin to the game.

Epic Game’s Fortnite is considered to be a game of crossovers as it introduces a lot of collaborations simultaneously. From partnering up with anime series to celebrities, a large chunk of the battle-royale’s popularity lies on its collaboration items.

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iShowSpeed has no idea about his fake Fortnite skin

YouTuber tricks iShowSpeed into believing he got his own Fortnite skin
iShowSpeed skin

Fortnite collaborations continue throughout the year. Recently, it is in rumors that Epic Games is bringing the hit Japanese animated series Attack on Titan to their game. Before players get to witness this major crossover, they were surprised by YouTuber iShowSpeed who uploaded a video claiming he got his own Fortnite skin.

The video has got more than 2 million views as players were left in disbelief watching this phenomenon. iShowSpeed is a controversial internet personality who has faced multiple bans on Twitch until facing a permanent ban. Moreover, Fortnite leakers are a step ahead in informing any major additions to the game.

As none of the leakers reported the game getting iShowSpeed skin, fans were astonished to see the content creator being delightful and throw out his usual screams while checking out his own skin. Apparently, he was informed by a donator that his official skin in the Icon Series was leaked.

“No way we in Fortnite!”

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The content creator called it to be a dream come true as he broadcasted his skin pack which included the character in blue shorts, Portugal jersey, sneakers as well as some funny emotes. What was ironic that the streamer claimed, “Chat, it’s not even fake”.

Much to the disappointment of his fans, the Icon Series skin was actually created by a YouTuber named ‘Trimix‘ who claimed it to be his hardest creation ever. Upon sharing the video of creating iShowSpeed’s skin, it was confirmed that what the content creator was broadcasting a day before, was actually fake.

Fans call iShowSpeed’s reaction as wholesome

YouTuber tricks iShowSpeed into believing he got his own Fortnite skin
YouTube comments

A day has passed since it was revealed that the skin is fake but the content creator has not addressed this issue as of now. Fans, on the other hand are not trolling the creator but are rather happy to see such a wholesome reaction given by him when he’s not barking or giving some other weird reactions.

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