“Let’s all relax here”: Hilarity ensues as Dan Orlovsky gets trolled by the official Twitch account on Twitter

“Let’s all relax here”: Hilarity ensues as Dan Orlovsky gets trolled by the official Twitch account on Twitter

Dan Orlovsky gets brutally trolled by the official Twitch account on Twitter (Image: Firstsportz)

Exchanges between celebrities on social media are always entertaining to watch. However, Dan Orlovsky’s recent interaction with the official Twitter account of Twitch left the former roasted. Although the exchange ended in peace, it was rather hilarious for all fans to sit back and enjoy the conversation between the two.

The exchange began with Orlovsky innocently taking to Twitter to ask where he could watch the Thursday Night Football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Baltimore Ravens.

“Anyone with a bigger brain than I know how I can watch #TNFonPrime while in London?”

When a user suggested that he could stream it on Twitch or search it up on Prime Video, Orlovsky inquired about what Twitch was.

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However, Twitch was not about to sit back and tolerate such disrespect from the former Detroit Lions quarterback. Responding to this tweet, Twitch fired shots with a snapshot from one of his previous games, which is often considered one of his worst games.

The response left fans in splits, who all agreed that the Amazon-owned streaming platform won this round of the roast with an epic burn on the ESPN commentator. However, Orlovsky responded with what seemed like a peace offering, stating that he was simply trying to watch some football.

The conversation finally took a wholesome turn, with the official Twitch account inviting Orlovsky to watch TNF with them, and the former American quarterback agreeing.

The exchange that began with an epic roast ended on a rather wholesome note. However, it was still a hilarious exchange to witness for fans.

Fans react to the Dan Orlovsky and Twitch exchange on Twitter

dan orlovsky
Dan Orlovsky (Image: Yardbarker)

As expected, the interaction between Orlovsky and the official Twitch account blew up and fans did not refrain froms harign their reactions to the same.

Check out some of the reactions fans had to the hilarious exchange.

Fans found the Twitch official’s response to Orlovsky’s comment hilarious, stating that they did not have to do him so dirty for the comment. However, it was satisfying to see the exchange end on a warm and peaceful note.

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