Rarest CS: GO Knife Karambit Blue Gem sells for over $120K, becomes the most expensive knife skin in the game

The buyer of this skin Thomas Tun, bought this skin for a expensive price of $126,000!

Rarest CS: GO Knife Karambit Blue Gem sells for over $120K, becomes the most expensive knife skin in the game

Karambit Blue Gem in CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been all the hype in competitive FPS games since its release a decade ago. CS: GO’s competitive eSports tournaments are one of the largest in the eSports industry. But the game’s in-game item market, which ranges from gun & knife skins to gun stickers, etc., is the biggest in the video game industry.

With items selling for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, CS: GO is the king of the game item trade market. Some skins in the game are so rare that there are only one or two of them. Just today, dated May 8, 2023, a Karambit Blue Gem, a special variant of Karambit Case Hardened, sold for over $120,000!

The exact amount that the Karambit Blue Gem sold for was $126,000. This has made this knife the most expensive CS: GO knife skin to be sold. There are a lot of reasons for this ridiculous price hike, from rarity to general belief, etc., which we’ll get into now.

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Karambit Case Hardened variant: Karambit Blue Gem in CS: GO

Karambit Blue Gem CSGO sold 126,000 dollars

Knives and skins are costly in CS: GO due to their low drop chances. This rarity, coupled with variation in patterns, makes some skins more expensive than ones of the same type, increasing the overall knife cost. The case-hardened skin type has a special variant called the Karambit Blue Gem. The pattern that makes his skin a variant is very rare to acquire. Two Karambit Blue Gems exist in the world, and one has been successfully traded. Moreover, for a whopping price of $126,000, The sheer price of this skin has baffled people. The reason for the hike in the price of this skin is:

  • The rarity of this skin, since only two exist in the entire world,
  • The pattern number of this skin is 888.

Furthermore, the buyer of this skin is Thomas Tun, a resident of Myanmar, a country enriched with Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, 8 is considered to be a lucky number. So, buying this skin for such a considerable amount also involved certain cultural sentiments for the CS: GO player.

There are several other expensive skins in CS: GO, all costing thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. From M4A4 Howl to StatTrak Butterfly Knife Fade to Titan (Holo) stickers are some of the most expensive CS: GO items. Players don’t shy away from buying these skins, so they can flex it in-game!

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