Sniper team’s hideout location: “Left high and dry” in Season 3 Warzone 2 DMZ

Find out how to locate the Sniper team's hideout in DMZ!

Sniper team’s hideout location: “Left high and dry” in Season 3 Warzone 2 DMZ

Sniper team's hideout DMZ

Season 3 of Warzone 2 introduces a new faction in the DMZ game mode called the Redacted. Besides that, players will also face new objectives, like locating the Sniper Team’s hideout, which is part of the new mission “Left High and Dry.” This mission requires players to find rare items to create specific items for a tier-two quest. What makes it very difficult is the fact that players must trade for a skeleton key at first to even start looking for the hideout.

Moreover, finding the hideout becomes even more difficult because it contains a lot of rare loot, including a golden skull and high-tier plate carriers. The sniper’s hideout also has a dossier that is essential to finishing the “Left High and Dry” mission. Even so, the biggest challenge will be locating the hideout in the first place in Al Mazrah, as it can spawn anywhere.

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Location of the Sniper team’s hideout

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Since its release, the DMZ has been a great success for Warzone 2, becoming instantly popular due to the diverse missions given by various factions. The newest addition to the line-up is Redacted, which gives players a very challenging mission to complete. Although, from afar, locating the sniper team’s hideout may seem tough at first glance, if players know about the location beforehand, it is relatively easy.

To locate the sniper team’s hideout, players first need to go to Ahkdar Village. It comprises numerous buildings of varying heights with windows, balconies, and ledges that players can use to hide out while taking down enemies. However, the area is swarming with AI, so players are better off sticking to rooftops; otherwise, all hell will break out. The hideout is situated on the western side of the area. Players can identify the location by the two doors leading to a room filled with red boxes to loot and sewing machines on the table. Just open the door with the skeleton key, and the mission will be over.

After finding the hideout, players need to make their way to a nearby exfiltration point. The easiest way to do that is to reach the marked place on the map and buy a personal exfil. For that players need search for a buying station and radio for a chopper.

Players can also gather green gasoline from the gas stations and steal one of the halos. Afterwards, fly the halo to the designated place and wait for the exfil chopper. However, players need to be wary as the area is quite narrow and swarming with AI enemies. Apart from the AI, players will encounter other operators as well. When the chopper lands, get inside the it and it will start a 25 sec countdown to till taking off. Overall, players can easily locate the Sniper team’s hideout, but they need to have a skeleton key beforehand.

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