Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Is the game series canon to the original Star Wars Franchise?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is canon to original series of Star Wars Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Is the game series canon to the original Star Wars Franchise?

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has taken open-world games by storm. While the players are enjoying playing the game, An inevitable question arises among Star Wars fans. Does the story of Cal Kestis in the Star Wars original sync with the Star Wars Jedi game? After a long time of playing games, one after another, thoughts start getting assembled.

There are a lot of hints throughout the game for players to catch up to the fact this at some point is true. As for our main protagonist, Jedi Cal, he is among the most compelling Star Wars characters now. With missions all surrounding Cal and his adventures, it looks like developers have pounded the story to make it work in his way and around him.

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However, the story Star Wars is canon to his adventures. Since Star Wars is officially a part of Disney some places and dates sync with the game and the original Star Wars franchise.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is canon to the original series

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In the events that lead to Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, Cal is among the remnant members of the remaining Jedi. The story went as far as Cal even surviving the slaughter by order 66. An order that would send the entire fleet of the Galactic Empire to kill all the Jedis. Unlike other franchises the Jedi: Fallen Order was already decided upon to become a canon.

Considering this timeline, Han Solo was still a smuggler. And he, later on, acquired Millenium Falcon a year before it. A huge cult fan following of Star Wars considers Star Wars: Battle Scars a canon. These two Cal Kestis from both games resemble enough evidence to conclude that Star Wars Jedi Survivor is canon.

The Disney+ Series, Kenobi, in which Obi-Wan faces Inquisitors is in the same year in which Cal faces Inquisitors. When the series came out, many fans were disappointed that Disney didn’t add the cameo of Cal in the series. Obi-wan and Cal taking on the Inquisitor would have been so cool. In addition to all this, the story of the game slowly builds up to the Star Wars Episode 4: The New Hope where fans finally meet the Luke Skywalker.

When considering all the events mentioned above, the story of Star Wars Jedi Survivor falls in place which connects to the other events that took place in Star Wars. This only further strengthens the fact that Survivor does follow a good catch from the original series and has a semblance of a Star Wars franchise.

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