“$1000 to anyone who kills the Tree Sentinal” Disguised Toast attempts to get Yvonnie to play Elden ring

This article talks about how Disguised Toast skillfully marketed the game Elden ring to Yvonnie who resisted playing it.

Yvonnie and Disguised Toast
Yvonnie and Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast has been playing Elden Ring for quite some time now. The game has become popular among streamers for its difficulty and many are trying to speedrun it be the fastest to its completion. Some of these streamers include Toast himself, HasanAbi, xQc and Valykrae all of whom have suffered the frustration of playing a Souls-like game. But there is one streamer who has been resisting the urge to play this game and her name is Yvonnie.

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What did Disguised Toast offer Yvonnie?

Disguised Toast wanted Yvonnie to play Elden Ring
Disguised Toast wanted Yvonnie to play Elden Ring

They were on the character selection screen in a game of Valorant. “Yvonnie when are you going to play Elden Ring?” Toast asked her and she was surprised at how persistent she had been in asking her that, “A 100 dollars to anyone who kills the Tree Sentinal!” This amount was tempting as even Sydeon jumped at this offer.

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How did Yvonnie react to this offer?

“Oh is that the first boss?” she asked him to which he agreed. “Why do you say that like its not the first boss?” she asked as she was extremely suspicious of Disguised Toast’s tone. “It’s the first boss you’ll meet” he replied to her. Yvonnie thought that this was an easy offer since it was just the first boss. Little does Yvonnie know that there is a difference between the first boss in most games and the first boss in a souls-like game.

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