Adin Ross ends stream early as his security breaks arm live

Things took a wild turn as arm-wrestling goes wrong on Adin Ross' livestream.

Adin Ross ends stream early as his security breaks arm live

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Adin Ross has been in uncomfortable situations before which include being swatted while livestreaming on Twitch. His streams are known for being chaotic and loud but, the Twitch star was left speechless after an incident took place on his livestream on January 4, 2023.

The Twitch personality is no stranger to antics but, this time Adin Ross was seen struggling to keep up with what went down. Featuring his friends and members from his team led to his bodyguard ‘Ant’ and another internet personality ‘Zias’ being present on the live broadcast.

During an arm-wrestling match with Adin Ross’ close friend Zias, Ant snapped his arm live on stream. The distinct and loud crack as he broke his arm led to commotion on the stream and Adin Ross taking full responsibility for the incident. The clip of the event has been shared multiple times and has gone viral on social media. The stream was ended early due to the nature of the event. Zias also asked Ant if he was okay to which he casually replied “it’s broken.”

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The aftermath of the incident

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The Twitch streamer explained to his audience that he knew something was wrong with his bodyguard’s arm prior to the arm wrestling match with Zias. Everyone on the stream were in a state of panic after the incident and could not stop themselves from swearing and breaking character. The stream which was based on entertaining the viewers took a turn for worse.

This wasn’t the first time Ant was seen arm-wrestling Zias on stream as both of them have made numerous appearances on Adin Ross’ streams. The streamer deleted the clip from his Twitch channel before re-uploading it shortly after.

Adin Ross rushed to end his stream and requested his viewers to stop sharing the clip of Ant snapping his arm. Ant was taken to the hospital after ending the live broadcast and not much information about the aftermath was shared online. Fans have been extremely supportive and have wished Ant for a quick recovery. The injury looked very serious and the crack indicates towards a fracture which can take up to 8 weeks to heal.

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