Adin Ross explains why he dropped the Kanye West interview plan despite knowing it’d be his biggest stream

Adin Ross explains why he dropped the Kanye West interview plan despite knowing it’d be his biggest stream

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Twitch streamer Adin Ross seems to have taken a step back on his decision to interview American rapper and singer Kanye West on his stream. The 22-year-old content creator had been facing tremendous backlash from his community even though he had not confirmed the interview publicly.


However, he decided to break his silence as on his recent livestream, he revealed that he is no more planning to carry out that interview. He began by stating, “I can’t have my platform be used to spread hate, and I can’t let my platform be used to, basically, insult people.” He claimed that he doesn’t wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

“I decided not to do with this stream”, he further continued to say that he is able to understand that people might make fun of him right now as he could already see some people writing “you are a pu**y” on his chat, but he explained that this is how it is going to be.

Adin Ross then wanted to conclude this discussion as he claimed that he wishes to keep it short and simple. On top of that, he claimed that he was completely aware about the fact that it’d have been his biggest stream if he had brought Kanye West, but he realized that sometimes it’s just not worth it.


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Why did Adin Ross choose not to interview Kanye West?

Adin Ross explains why he dropped the Kanye West interview plan despite knowing it'd be his biggest stream
Adin Ross

Few days ago, Adin Ross had made headlines on the streaming community after news broke that he is going to bring Kanye West on his livestream for an interview. This announcement came through Nick Fuentes as a video of him calling Adin and confirming the interview became viral on social media.

People were shocked to learn this as this interview announcement came after Kanye West was getting cancelled on the internet for his hurtful remarks against Jewish people and his views on Adolf Hitler. The singer was also banned from Twitter for sharing a controversial religious symbol.

Therefore, Adin Ross’ plan to invite him was seen nothing but clout chase by some people in the community. Now that, he decided to do away with the stream, people are wondering whether he was threatened by the platform.


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Fans react to Adin Ross’ stream

The Twitch clip was shared on r/livestreamfails that led to several reactions from fans. One of the notable comments was that the content creator might have been threatened by streaming platforms as he could not make such a sensible decision on his own.

Even though Adin has decided not to interview Kanye West, he continues to livestream with Andrew Tate, another internet personality who was involved in various controversies.

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